Commercial Rubbish Removal

The number one producers of waste in Sydney are commercial spaces. Businesses moving offices, retail stores opening or large corporations with a high waste turnover are some of the biggest contributors. Cleaning up commercial waste can be an extremely time-consuming task, often taking days or even weeks to clear out space and remove commercial waste. Thus, it is no surprise that this is every business’s least favourite task to complete.

As a small business, large corporation, retail store or off-site business, it is essential to have appropriate mechanisms in place to ensure that waste is being disposed of properly. Many businesses have structures in place for waste removal, including the removal of rubbish on a weekly basis, hiring cleaners or having skip bins outside their business. However, it is common for many businesses to find that these systems aren’t meeting the standards required to keep their business waste-free. As the turnover of waste being commercially produced is fast, it can be difficult to keep a business waste-free.

Commercial rubbish removal is a significant problem that many businesses face. With a need for smoother, easier and more efficient mechanisms in place, below we explore how businesses can now dispose of their commercial waste appropriately.

What is Commercial Waste?

Defined as waste produced by businesses and trades, commercial waste is most commonly produced during the fit of a new office or retail store. Ranging from furniture, office supplies to storage cabinets and appliances, commercial waste is a broad term that categories most waste produced by businesses.

With the change in furniture, materials, and building supplies, it is no surprise how quickly waste can produce. With new products and materials coming into a new space, there is often quick conflict build up regarding the old stock. These materials will need to be stored at a cost or disposed of to make way for the new equipment and stock. Other times that routinely need to be disposed of in a commercial setting, often include paper, packaging and damaged items.

We work alongside a number of commercial businesses to keep their storage use low and dispose of their unused appliances, equipment, cabinetry and merchandise in a cost-saving and environmentally friendly way.

Commercial Rubbish Removal


What We Collect

At 1300 Rubbish, our team collects all types of commercial waste. We collect them and ensure that they are disposed of correctly. The items we collect include:

Office Materials

As a business, having a tidy and productive workspace is the key to success. Thus, it is important to upkeep your office, whether this is moving offices or updating your office with new furniture and resources. Consider hiring a professional rubbish collector to kickstart your new office today. Office materials that are able to be collected by our rubbish collection team at 1300 Rubbish include:

–   Paper

–   Shredded papers

–   Cards

–   Packaging stationery

–   Boxes

–   Old office supplies

Old Displays

The biggest contributor to general office stored waste is old computer monitors and displays that have been either broken or been rendered obsolete by a newer model. With the rate of change in technology, technology in offices are too, rapidly changing and thus is producing greater waste.

As monitors and displays are often heavy and difficult to remove, it can be a difficulty for many businesses. Our experienced rubbish removal team have the knowledge and experience in removing these monitors and displays in a safe and appropriate manner.

Per city regulations, these devices are required to be recycled or dismantled. Thus, our team takes them to the nearest processing facility to ensure that they are being disposed of appropriately, rather than disposing them into landfill.

Chairs and Seating

A common resource in offices that needs to be replaced regularly are office chairs and seating. As these items are often bulky and in large quantities, difficult to remove, our team at 1300 Rubbish are the solution. Experienced in office waste and stock removal, our team are more than capable of efficiency transferring all of your office chairs, seating and more into our vehicles for disposal.

Our team at 1300 Rubbish are ethically and environmentally driven. Thus, if your office chairs or seating you wish to dispose of are not damaged, our teams can ethically dispose of these, donating them or deconstructing them to be used in other workplaces or to be turned into other seating resources.


Removing cabinets, and organisational furniture from retail stores and commercial settings is normally difficult without the assistance of a professional rubbish removalist team.

If your business is looking to dispose of some kitchen racks or cabinets, simply get in touch with one of our friendly team members and we will be more than happy to help you out with this. With extensive experience in removing cabinets and shelving from walls or fixtures, our team ensures that we will make the process of removing kitchen furniture easy and stress-free.

Kitchen Appliances

It is important to dispose of office kitchen appliances appropriately to ensure that local regulations and ethical standards are being met. Thus, the disposal of kitchen white goods, such as coffee makers and microwaves must be disposed of in a particular manner.

At 1300 Rubbish, our team ensures that all of your office and store’s appliances are disposed of correctly, following local regulations or are recycled, regardless of whether they are broken, damaged or brand new.


Our team at 1300 Rubbish also dispose of flooring. We can help remove the old one by pulling up the carpeting or linoleum and dispose of it by loading it into our trucks for disposal.

If you are thinking of getting new flooring, contact our team at 1300 Rubbish today to help you remove your old flooring as there are different disposal regulations for different flooring types. Save yourself the hassle and potential penalties and get the professional assistance you need, to make the process effortless.

Environmental Disposal

At 1300 Rubbish, we are committed to disposing of your waste in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner. Thus, our team ensures that whatever waste we remove from any business, that it is being disposed of correctly, according to the standards of local, council and national regulations in place.

Products such as e-waste and commercial products are often especially hard to dispose of. Our team ensures that all disposal methods adhere to regulations and that there isn’t a chance of financial penalties due to improper disposal.

Our disposal process often includes:

–   Transferring rubbish to be put into landfill.

–   Recycling.

–   Dismantling and transforming re-usable waste.

–   Re-using unwanted furniture and other resources.

How Our Rubbish Removal Services Work

Our rubbish removal service is simple to understand and even simpler to use.

The team at 1300 Rubbish will completely remove all of the commercial rubbish and waste you don’t wish to keep without needing you to lift a finger. Our team will do all the heavy lifting and assist with the detachment of drawers and cabinets from their fixtures or walls.

The next step is Clean-up.

When our team has finished removing all of the items and materials you no longer wish to keep, we will begin a tidy up of the space, so it is left in a clean condition, ready for you to be used. Thus, ensures little downtime and improved safety, by making sure there are no glass shards, sharp materials or hazardous materials left lying around.

After is, The Disposal

We make sure to relay any e-waste or other regulated materials to government-owned or private facilities that are capable of dismantling, recycling or correctly disposing of them. Our team will take the environmentally and ethically friendly approach to disposal of e-waste, plastics and cabling seriously and want to ensure our customers know this.

Where we Collect From

Our team works across a number of industries and locations to help with the disposal of countless products and materials.

We can visit offices in cities, suburbs, industrial on-site offices, small and large businesses and retail stores who are in need of an easy and affordable way to dispose of their rubbish and other unused products and materials.

One of the more common spaces our team visits is to our customers in offices or customers who own businesses with large amounts of commercial office equipment. This equipment typically ranges from computers, desk chairs, office kitchen appliances, desks and storage cabinets.

Other common office equipment includes office electronics. Disposing of office electronics can be difficult as there are a number of regulations and council requirements that require the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of these items. Our team at 1300 Rubbish can ensure that with our partners and industry connections, our customer’s e-waste will be correctly disposed of, in an environmentally friendly and safe manner.

On-site and off-site offices
Our team is also able to visit both on-site and off-site offices, whether they are connected to an estate development, industrial lot or a construction site.

If a project or building is complete and a site office is ready to be relocated but there are a number of items or rubbish that need to be removed from the office including computers, drawers, cabinets and seating, then our team are able to remove these items and rubbish in no time at all.

Corporate Business
Large-scale corporate office clean-ups and rubbish disposal can be exceedingly difficult projects as the waste overturn can be fast. To ensure this process flows smoothly and efficiently, your best option is to contact a rubbish removal specialist and experienced removal service, like ours, to assist in the mass-removal of corporate business waste.

Retail Stores
Materials like unsold retail store merchandise simply take up space in stores and often remain in storage taking up space. Our team can assist with the efficient removal of a number of materials from retail stores, from unsold clothing and accessories, clothing racks and even old packaging from a previous brand.

Keep your retail space clutter-free and mitigate the need for costly storage, for items that may never be sold.

Areas We Service
We service all areas across Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Geelong, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Wollongong.

Enjoy our Comprehensive Service

A professional, efficient and affordable commercial rubbish removal is the best way for your business or office teams to get back to work as seamlessly as possible in a clutter-free and productive environment. Our team boasts years of experience, quality equipment and appropriate clothing to dispose of all types of office and retail waste, no matter the size.

If you need your office or retail store’s leftover materials safely and compliantly removed, then get in touch with us and make an appointment today.

The removal of general waste is typically straightforward and efficient and is a necessity for all workplaces. Our team can regularly and routinely arrive at commercial workplaces for scheduled rubbish pickup and disposal if our customers request. Keeping the workplace clutter-free.

All of our disposal methods are compliant with regulation thanks to our network of disposal and recycling partners.

Some typical examples of general commercial waste we collect include:

–       Furniture

–       Drink and food packaging

–       Bottes

–       E-waste

–       Clutter

–       Paper and stationery

–       Cabinets and kitchen appliances

–       Seating

Book an appointment today and one of our team members will evaluate your site and requirements.

We are also happy to provide a quote, based on your site, timeframe and amount of materials we will provide you with a quote.

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Commercial Rubbish Removal
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