1300Rubbish & Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney

Mission Australia and 1300Rubbish

Mission Australia is the official and only charity of 1300RUBBISH. We are assisting them with the logistics around Sydney metro areas we service.

There are many generous people who want to give to Mission Australia but Mission Australia have not got the funds or the infrastructure to collect the goods, so that is were 1300RUBBISH comes in …..

When you book in a job for rubbish to be removed and if you have any items on the wish list we can deliver them to Mission Australia for you (Sydney only). The items need to be clean and stored in plastic bags for easy storage in the front of our vehicles.
If you have any questions please phone the office on 1300782247
Wish List

  • Blankets – all kinds – doonas, light weight and winter blankets
  • Clean sheets and bed linen
  • Towels – the larger the better!
  • Pillows and Pillow Cases
  • Hand towels and Tea towels
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Soap – liquid soaps if possible
  • Face wash
  • New socks and underwear

Please keep an eye on this page as the wishlist will be updated regularly.
“Mission Australia is grateful for the support of 1300RUBBISH. Over the New Year period 1300RUBBISH is supporting a number of our homeless services by collecting quality used goods for our clients and services to use. The New Year can be tough on struggling families and individuals so goods like these can make a big difference”
said Narelle Campbell, Mission Australia’s National Manager for Income Development.