If you own an investment property and want to put it on the market as a sharehouse there are a few things you’ll want to think about. One of the first is that you’ll need to redesign the space to suit the lifestyles of multiple people at once. Your home will no longer be for just yourself and your family, but possibly multiple people.

Take a look below at our four essential steps to making sure your apartment is more sharehouse friendly for tenants.

Remove Walls

The first difference between a single family home and one with a few tenants is the demand for extra space. There could be the need for a larger dining table, an extra sofa or even larger bedrooms.

One of the first activities that you’ll likely have to undertake is the assessment of your apartment’s layout and the removal of a wall or two. The most common wall removals in apartments are the half-walls that split living spaces. If you have a wall splitting your living space, the removal of it will make your living room a lot more friendly for larger sofas and will generally free up a lot of space.

Since the removal of walls is a big project it would be a good idea to speak to a professional interior designer to make sure that whatever you plan on doing will actually work best for the space.

Also, remember that a wall removal will need a big clean up so certainly have a rubbish removal service on call for this step. You don’t want to be lugging large wooden planks or concrete blocks about on your own.

Appropriate Furniture

This step is a little more ambiguous because you won’t really be able to create a style that everyone will love, but there are still a few things you’ll have to keep in mind. The first being that furniture could be damaged and that you shouldn’t spend a whole lot of money on designer furniture if it’s just for a rental.

A second thing to remember is that everyone living in the apartment will need their own space. That means that a single office or study room in the house can’t be for one person’s use only, so the need for space in a bedroom for desks, clothes and other essentials is really important.

Renovating Kitchens and Bathrooms

This is another major step for a sharehouse. Don’t skip a bathroom or kitchen renovation because these will be the rooms in the home that everyone uses. Taps will need to be replaced, shower heads should also be replaced and any damaged mirrors, old lighting fixtures and exhaust fans should also be swapped out.

You’ll have to remember that these rooms will be high traffic areas so the chances of the fixtures being worn out in a short period of time are high. This is especially the case if you have couples in the sharehouse, there could be up to 6 people or possibly more using these rooms multiple times a day.

Create More Space

The final step for you to undertake when getting your apartment ready to be shared by renters is to create as much space as possible. This could be through the use of minimal furniture, the removal of bulky cupboards and the switch to wall-mounted open shelving.

One of the best ways to go about making the most of the space you have is to create a flowing interior style. If you’re offering a furnished space, don’t cut the rooms up with decor, tables or sofas that split the rooms in half. Keep everything as open and breezy as possible.


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