If you’ve decided to move out of your home and aren’t really sure about all of the things that you need to do to make the move smoothly, then we have the perfect list for you. Take a look below at our tips for making your packing and rubbish removal a whole lot easier and you’ll be all packed up and ready to move out in no time.

Get Rid of Old Items and Things You Don’t Need

Of course, the first thing you want to do is to throw away old things you don’t want or need anymore. There’s no point buying extra boxes and spending extra time packing old or broken items that you’ll just throw away at your new home. Deal with that problem now. There are a couple of places you can visit to easily sort out the clutter.

Charity Stores: It’s the most eco-conscious decision to donate items or clothing that you don’t want anymore. This way they can go to people in need rather than being thrown into the garbage. Give your local Salvation Army or Vinnies a call to make sure they need the items you’ll be getting rid of and take them down to the drop off location.

1300 Rubbish: Although it’s best for you to try your hardest to either recycle or donate the old items and clothing you no longer need, sometimes there isn’t an option. When it comes time to throw away a whole bunch of things, give services like 1300 Rubbish a call and they’ll be able to collect it and remove it for you.

Look For Free Moving Boxes

Most people think that they’re limited to buying plastic tubs or paying for cardboard boxes when they move, though there are actually a few other options you should try first. The best places to check out first are simply retail stores. Just ask if they have any spare boxes out the back and there’s a good chance they’ll have plenty for you.

If asking stores doesn’t pan out, you can post an ad online to check whether people in your area have a bunch of cardboard boxes spare. Though if that doesn’t result in much either, just opt for plastic bags, plastic containers or even rental plastic containers.

Don’t Shove Everything in One Box

Now begins the actual packing part. The biggest mistake most people make when they move is to just chuck anything and everything in boxes. Mostly this is done to get everything out the door as quick as possible. Though, what happens when it’s time to unbox?

Make sure you develop at least some sort of strategy to boxing up your home. That means a box, or a few, for each room. This way once you arrive at your new residence you’ll be able to find everything in an instant. All bathroom items in a single box, all kitchen appliances in another, etc.

It’s also a good idea to label anything and everything. Put room names on boxes, contents labels and also do your best to keep the boxes close together if they both belong to one room. This way you won’t lose them when it’s time to unpack.

Don’t Forget the Bond Clean

After you’ve finished packing and your home is totally empty, make sure that you do the final deep clean of the house. You can do this yourself or reach out to a cleaning service, but it’s imperative that you do it. If you forget you’ll more than likely lose your entire bond payment.

We’ve made a short outline below of the things you’ll want to make sure you clean before you leave.

The Kitchen: Be sure to thoroughly scrub all counters, the oven and also the stovetop. Shine the sink, as well as the pantry and cupboard, pulls.

The Bathroom: Every tiled surface must be scrubbed. Make sure the bathtub, basin, glass screen and toilets are entirely spotless.

The Bedrooms: Deep clean all flooring by vacuuming and mopping. Wipe down mirrors, door frames and window tracks. Light switches and skirting boards should be wiped down too.

Once everything is boxed up and your home is spotless, you’ll be all ready to move on to your new home!


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