Just like with anything around your house, if you don’t keep it well maintained or nice and tidy it’ll become unusable and could even cause an accident. It’s no different when it comes to your outdoor patio, the driveway or any other exterior room or space. We’ve made a list below that you should follow on a routine basis to make sure that your patio is kept immaculate and fun to use.

The four main things we’ll go over below are:

Sweeping: To remove general dust and grass and to stop any weeds from popping up
Weeding: To ensure the patio doesn’t become overgrown
Power Washing: The best way to give your patio and all of its crevices a deep clean.
Filling or Repairing Joints: All joints in the floor or ceiling need to be fixed to stop leaks or moss.



This step is to ensure that the patio doesn’t get the chance to become too dirty. Keep your patio entirely free of things like dust, dried mud, grass clippings and perhaps dog sticks if you have a dog. This way you’ll make sure that the surface is tidy and you won’t be dealing with a major buildup of clutter.


If you’ve left your patio for a while there’s a good chance that grass and weeds might’ve starting creeping up through the floor or from the sides. This is going to be the first major job you’ll have to undertake – getting rid of all the weeds. Depending on how bad the overgrowth is, you might need to plan a time to do this part as you don’t want to get halfway through and have to stop to make dinner or do any other chores.

If you’re dealing with an extremely overgrown patio or backyard it’s probably best to opt for a rubbish removal service to take care of all the weeds and overgrowth for you. This way it’ll be done and out of the way and you can focus on the patio rejuvenation.

Washing and Power Washing

The next step, once your patio is entirely free of dust, weeds or anything else, is to hose it down with a power washer or at least a hose. You’ll want to add soapy water or another cleaning agent to really make sure you get the patio as clean as possible.

Paving and Patio Joints

If your home is a little old there’s a good chance that it’s moved about a bit over the years. You’ll be able to spot signs of this outside if your patio is cracked or if the ceiling has moved out of shape. Foot traffic can also cause cracking and sloping of concrete, so be sure to check for that too.

You’ll want to repair all of these cracks with some concrete crack filler. This way you’ll block anything from growing up through them or things falling into them.

New Styling

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your patio you can then move ahead with some new styling! Adding pieces like daybeds, outdoor rugs and tables will make you far more likely to use the space and keep it clean.

Durable Decor

Just because the decor is outside doesn’t mean it has to be ugly and bulky. Simply look to incorporate some weatherproof designs into your styling and you can rest assured these are tested for outdoor conditions. Some of the most modern and minimal styles are found in the outdoor furniture category anyway.

Go All Out on Plants

Since the space is outside, it’s only fitting that there be a whole load of plants. Stick to plants that are slim but tall because these will add a dash of sophistication. This way you won’t be cluttering up the patio again either.

Small Additions

Finally, throw down a few small decor items like cushions and candles and you’ll be looking at a great, relaxing outdoor area that’s perfect no matter what time of year it is.


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