Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you do in your adult life. Leaving a familiar area, finding new routes to work and dealing with new neighbours are just a few of the things you’ll need to adjust to.

Below we’ve listed 10 steps you should take before moving home to make your experience is as fluid and as stress-free as possible.

Get Packing Right Away

If you have a good head start in knowing when you’ll be moving, then start reorganising and packing as soon as you can. If you have the time, then try factor in about 3 months to fully pack everything, starting with your non-essentials and then your more vital items a little closer toward moving day.

A good tip here is to get as many free boxes and packaging materials as you can. You don’t need to buy hundreds of brand new boxes for the move. You likely have some boxes sitting around the house, and Bunnings has your back if you need some cardboard boxes to use.

Don’t Pack Clutter!

This is a big no-no when it comes to moving. If you notice that in your house you have a few things or a lot of things, that just sit around and take up space – then throw them out. If you pack all of your clutter and general rubbish items, then you’re wasting packaging space. Plus, throwing things away before the move lets you start fresh and feel a lot better.

To make things easier you can reach out to a professional rubbish removal service for some extra help. This way you can just pile things up you don’t want anymore and just have the removal team to take them away.

Prepare Kids Properly

When you’re a kid, your home is your whole world. Moving to another one can be one of the most disruptive and stressful events for a child, so of course, make sure that your kids are prepared for what’s going on. Especially if they’re fairly young.

During the move and the packing make sure that everything is as smooth as possible and don’t make the whole situation chaotic or ruin entire daily schedules because of it.

Pack an ‘Essentials Bag’

When you’re all packed and in the final weeks of a move then you’re going to have a hard time finding your essentials like school or work uniforms in all of your boxes. The best fix for this is to have a bag, or a few bags, with all of your essential items for school, work, and leisure.

A few items you should make sure to put in here include uniforms, pens and pencils, chargers, notepads as well as toiletries.

Load Up on Tape and Bags

If you’ve packed up a tonne of boxes then you’ll likely be running low on a bunch of things, including tape! This is a good reason for stocking up on all of your packing tools which include things like sticky tape and garbage bags. Towards the end of packing everything up, you might have run out of boxes, so garbage bags come in handy here.

Getting the Professionals

Once you’ve got everything boxed up and ready to go, and you have your move-in date then you should call your removalist team to come and collect all of your stuff. Don’t make the mistake of organising a pickup of your things before you’re actually ready to go because you’ll be forced to rush to meet the deadline.

If you have children, now is also the time to hand them off to a babysitter for the day whilst your removalists get to work on your boxes.

Leave Cleaning to the Professionals

If your move is being assisted or requested by a real estate agent then you’ll most likely be given a form or checklist to follow during the process of moving. On the list, you’ll probably see that there’s a professional clean requirement listed.

To find a good cleaning service you can usually ask friends or family for some recommendations or speak with your agent. This way you won’t be stuck with the burden of cleaning the house from top to bottom after you’ve moved. You’ll likely be tired and that’s the last thing you’ll want to think about.

Prioritise Kitchen and Bedrooms

When you move into your new home, to make things easier set up the bedrooms and kitchen first. As long as you have somewhere to sleep and eat, you’ll be good to go. Once those spaces are set up and ready, just take a breather for a day and start on the rest of the house.

Remember that rushing the set up of your new house will mean that you might be putting things down simply to get it out of the way. Then you’ll be left with a cluttered badly designed space.

Don’t Rush

Now that everything around the actual move itself is done doesn’t mean you need to rush the unpacking of your new home and get everything ready in the blink of an eye. The next few weeks after the move into your new house should gradually see your new home come to life.

Expect boxes and things to still be packed up for at least 2 weeks after you move. This is the time to see how new spaces work differently and what you want to leave boxed up and put into storage. Go one room at a time and just let the unpacking and styling come naturally, don’t force your tired self to keep going.


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