When it’s time to do a larger size clean up or renovation most peoples minds automatically go to bin hire. The advantages of bin hire over other methods are mainly to do with volume and duration of the project, a large skip bin can take quite a lot of rubbish and allow the user access to the bin for weeks. There are also a few disadvantages to using a skip bin that are often not apparent until you get into the process of hiring them. Some councils will require you to get a permit – particularly if you plan to park it out the front of the house or on the sidewalk, and having a skip bin filled with rubbish can attract pests and be unattractive.

Bin hire Brisbane – your options

Other alternatives include taking the rubbish away in smaller more frequent trips via a truck or trailer or getting a rubbish removal company to take the pile away. Piling up the rubbish can have drawbacks as well and you need to be careful you do not end up double-handling the rubbish and wasting time and effort. The other option that can save time and hassle is using a rubbish removal service like 1300rubbish – they will pick up the rubbish where it lies, so you can have small piles around the project and direct them to each pile. They will load each pile and even sweep up afterwards so you can focus on the project – when working on a clean up or renovation project this can mean many hours of time saved.

Brisbane Bin Hire or the 1300rubbish Hands On way

So when you are doing your research make sure you give a thought to the time and hassle you could save with hands on rubbish removal and make sure you get a quote before you commit yourself. Hopefully this info has helped give you a better idea of your options – you can have an idea of cost for hands on rubbish removal in only a few minutes by calling 1300rubbish (1300 78 22 47) for an obligation-free estimate over the phone or use the online form below:

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