Cabinet Demolition And RemovalRemoving old cabinets out of the kitchen or bath for the purpose of replacing them with newer ones can be an exciting thing to do. Be aware, however, that doing such job can involve some issues that may occur along the way as well as some preparation that you needed to know before you start with the actual project.

While cabinet demolition gives us the impression that it is such a complicated task, it is actually a DIY-friendly project. So long as you know your end goals, demolishing cabinets can be done either by disassembling them or by destroying them.

Preparing For A Cabinet Demolition

Starting a cabinet demolition project shouldn’t take much effort so long as preparation has been made. Being well-prepared can also help in preventing unforeseen risks and health hazards that may occur while in the middle of the project. These can include flooding, fire and even electrocution which can otherwise be avoided so long as you have remembered to turn off the water and power to the room.

No matter how careful you think you are, never assume that you can avoid getting anything damaged. You can prevent such damages by simply removing anything from the room that you believe shouldn’t be broken. You can also use blankets, tarps or drop cloths to cover and protect counter tops, floors, windows and any other surface from damages.

Disassembling The Cabinets

If you intend to preserve the cabinets and continue using them, you can simply disassemble them and therefore incur less damage to the walls. Start by removing the counter tops with a utility knife which will allow you to caulk between the counter top and the wall. Remove all of the cabinet drawers and unscrew any screws that are found on the undersides of the cabinets. Remember to unscrew the hinges when removing doors that are attached in the cabinet frames. After you have removed the drawers and the doors, you can start unscrewing all of the frame screws from the lower cabinets going to the upper ones. As you unscrew a lower cabinet, take it out of the way and then unscrew the upper. You may need a partner to help you while you are unscrewing by holding the cabinet and placing it on the ground as soon as it is detached.

Destroying The Cabinets

Demolishing cabinets is a task that would require using a sledgehammer and a heavy duty pry bar. Start working on the lower cabinets by smashing the top, face and the sides with a sledgehammer. Then use the pry bar in order to get behind the remaining wood. Don’t forget to get the debris out of the way as you work. Continue working on the upper cabinets by doing the same process. Remember that choosing this option will absolutely bring damages to the walls so be prepared to repair or redo the walls behind the destroyed cabinets.

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