The last day of term before winter break is coming up fast. While everyone else is planning what to do on their holidays, you might be prepping for the term ahead. That means cleaning classrooms, getting a new syllabus ready and making sure that all rubbish and leftover materials are thrown away.

Classrooms that are messy or cluttered have a detrimental effect on kids’ abilities to learn, so if you’re a teacher or manage school cleanups, you should make sure that classrooms really are ready for the next term.

We’ve listed a few items below that you might want to consider removing these school holidays.

Old Books

During the term, one of the most used items are school books. Because there are so many subjects and different workloads, students have more than one book. That means there’s likely to be old textbooks, exercise books and even drawing pads everywhere.

When kids stumble upon their old books in drawers or in other places in the classroom it becomes a major distraction, so make sure to take the time to collect all these and either hand them over to parents or have them thrown away if they’re from past students.

If you’re not sure where these books might be lurking, just have a look inside desk drawers and even in-between books on bookshelves. They might even be hiding inside a random cabinet or in the corner of a room.

Chalk Boards and Whiteboards

Considering that Smart Boards in classrooms have been standard for the last decade there’s a pretty good chance that your school has a bunch of old whiteboards and chalkboards sitting around in storage – or even in the classroom. This can be a distraction for kids, and can even be a major tripping hazard.

Another reason you might not want to leave these boards just sitting around anywhere is that they leave an unprofessional impression on new school kids and their parents. As these boards are a little large and awkward to remove on your own, you might want to consider a professional rubbish removal service to help you out here.

Sports Equipment

Nearly every school has a sports equipment shed, or a gym filled with old sports equipment and chances are that there are literally hundreds of old basketballs, soccer balls and footballs that are completely flat and worn so badly that no one would even bother using them. If you notice that your school has this issue, you’ll be wasting space in the storage shed, as well as holding onto a bunch of old equipment for no reason.

Ask for some help from colleagues and go through the gym shed these holidays and pile up all the old broken equipment and just chuck it out. It’ll need to be thrown away eventually anyway, so why not these holidays?

The Music Room

In the music room, you’ll notice that it’s a hoarders delight in there. Most music rooms become totally filled with old sheet music, broken instruments, as well as music stands that students have snapped or bent. It’s best to go down to the music room and take a look around at what could be tripping hazard, as well as what’s taking up space as clutter.

Once you’ve got a bunch of stuff, take it out to the skip or have a removal service take it away. The more space for new equipment, or student seats, the better.

Decor and Furniture

The best time to replace seats, pillows, desks and other furniture is when no one is at school, in other words – the holidays! Aim your sights on broken chairs, old computers, desks and bookshelves that are either broken or not used anymore and have them collected by a removal service. It’s important you have a professional team take all these things away because some will need to be recycled or dismantled.

On top of clutter, old and broken furniture will also negatively hit your school’s appearance and make it look bad to prospective students and parents.

Get Professional Help

The best way to get your school nice and tidy these holidays is to reach out to a professional team like those at 1300 Rubbish. They will make sure that your cleanup is as easy and quick as possible and they’ll even help you carry out and pack up things that might be too awkward to take away on your own.

A professional team also means that recycle and disposal connections are a given, so you can rest assured that computers, furniture, and plastics are all recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

If you want some more info about 1300 Rubbish then check out their website or contact them.


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