Often, we take our office for granted. Sometimes people don’t do their part, and the office starts to get messy. Additionally, office furniture and electronics are frequently getting updated. Now you are stuck with old furniture and electronics taking up storage or even space where people work. So, how can we keep our working environment as tidy as possible?

Get rid of the garbage early

Too many offices leave their trash for weeks and expect somebody else to take it out. Firstly, leaving your rubbish sitting around is unhygienic and unhealthy. Instead of letting it get out of hand, take your garbage out as it goes. If each person does their part and takes out their own rubbish at the end of the day, or even two days, there will never be any rubbish build up.

Keep the waste contained

Keeping your waste contained in specific areas is another way to keep the office in good order. While its ok for people to eat at their desk, you should create a space where people WANT to go and enjoy meals. Eating at a desk each day can create dirty, filthy desks where rubbish grows and builds up. Employees shouldn’t be forced to eat in the kitchen or dining area, but you should entice them with free snacks, coffee or tea. This saves the desk for work.

Old furniture and electronics

Office rubbish or unwanted furniture and appliances are often left lying around an office. This just reduces space and creates clutter. You want to create an open space where employees are not surrounded by old furniture and rubbish. Many people try to save furniture in case it’s needed again. Others think they can sell it. This typically doesn’t occur; the old furniture or computer monitors end up hanging around. It’s best just to throw it away.

Get some help

Getting some help can make your life a lot easier. Getting some professional help will allow you to focus on your job while they remove your unwanted furniture and rubbish. 1300Rubbish are effective and efficient. 1300Rubbish will remove everything from rubbish and furniture to electronics. Furthermore, it will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Whatever you have, 1300Rubbish can remove it!

Keeping your office clean a tidy will improve office morale, productivity and overall culture. Employees want a working environment that they can be proud of. Also, your office should be a place where you’re not afraid to invite clients. If it’s time for a clean and tidy, give 1300Rubbish a call!


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