Fridges and Freezers RemovalFridges and freezers are some of the bulky appliances in the house which pose a threat to the environment once we decide to dispose them. These appliances contain hazardous components which need a specialist treatment during the recycling process.

In particular, fridges and freezers use Freon as a refrigerant as well as other chlorofluorocarbons. These components act like cooling agents which are found to be capable of depleting the ozone layer. At their disposal, it is important to drain these harmful components from the refrigeration units at a licensed facility where a trained technician performs the whole process.

Old fridges and freezers also tend to consume more energy than the newer models by up to four times higher. This will certainly affect your monthly electricity bills which can be avoided otherwise if only you are using newer models to replace the old ones.

Landfills and Transfer Stations

There are a number of landfills and transfer stations that have the necessary equipment to recycle old fridges and freezers. You can contact the county or city agency which handles the rubbish collection in the locality. Just search for names such as “Waste Management,” “Public Works” and “Sanitary District.”

You can also check on whether the community has a monthly schedule for picking up bulky items for recycling. Some will require you to set up an appointment while there are others that will require you to bring the old appliance to the station for recycling.

Preparing the Fridge

To ensure a safe transport of your old fridge, it is important to remove first the doors prior to the scheduled pickup of your appliance. You can try to do this yourself with the use of an adjustable wrench. Just search for the three or more bolts found on top of the fridge which hold down a metal bar. The latter helps connect the door to the fridge’s body. Ask someone to hold the door for you while you free the bar by taking the bolts off with the wrench.

Another tool that you may need is a screwdriver. Use it to unscrew the two or even more screws which connect the bottom of the door to the appliance.

Keep all the bolts and screws out of the way by placing them inside the crisper drawer of the fridge.

Fridge Recycling

During the recycling process, fridges undergo at least 5 different stages. As a preparation, they are first emptied of any traces of food and liquids along with shelves and trays. When all of these have been removed, they are now clean of any contaminates and are therefore capable to undertake the recycling process.

The different stages in the recycling process are:

1. Degassing
2. Shredding and Fraction Segregation
3. Sieving
4. Magnetic Separation
5. Eddy Current Separation/Air Separator

Call for a Safe Fridge and Freezer Pick Up

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