General Rubbish RemovalGeneral rubbish refers to a type of waste material that is produced in businesses and households which are not recyclable. Otherwise known as residual waste, this type of rubbish includes items such as kitchen scraps, ceramics, food scraps, nappies (wrapped), soiled paper, hygiene waste (catheters, incontinence articles),polythene, non-recyclable plastics, some packaging, etc.

General rubbish has always been disposed of in landfills. With today’s advanced technology, throwing away general rubbish can now be done using a number of alternative ways. Despite the changes, the need to recover value which is usually in an energy form is still pursued when dealing with general rubbish.

Using Incinerators

One way to dispose general rubbish is by using incinerators which are designed to safely burn waste using high temperatures and under certain conditions that are carefully controlled in order to produce heat and electricity. Incinerators are constructed using heavy, well-insulated materials which prevent it from giving off huge amounts of external heat. Instead, these high levels of heat are kept within the unit which allows the waste to burn quickly and efficiently. If the heat escapes, the burning of waste will not turn out as good as expected.

Producing Fuel

General rubbish can undergo a certain process in order to produce various types of fuel. Several facilities are now available to recover fuel by sorting waste both manually and mechanically in order to extract recyclable material. Then, the remaining material can be used to produce solid recovered fuel and refuse derived fuel.

Solid recovered fuel (SRF) is a high quality fossil fuel alternative that is produced by shredding and dehydrating solid waste.

Refuse derived fuel (RDF) is derived by processing municipal solid waste in order to separate the noncombustible portion from the combustible. The latter is then prepared into a certain form which allows it to be effectively fired either in an existing boiler or in a new one.

Hiring A General Rubbish Removal Service

Need help in throwing away a general rubbish item? Hiring a professional general rubbish removal service can definitely save you a lot of time and headaches particularly when it’s that time of the year again for a good spring-cleaning in the house. Doing everything by yourself such as loading, transporting and disposing rubbish is not only time consuming but is also frustrating and tedious. With that being said, arranging and calling for a professional general rubbish removal service will help you avoid any unwanted injuries. You can simply rely on the service to do all the physical work needed such as loading up skips that are filled with heavy rubbish items.

For a professional and reliable general rubbish removal service, you can call our team at 1300Rubbish by dialling 1300 78 22 47. We have decades of experience in providing rubbish removal services in several major areas all over Australia. Just talk to our friendly customer service team and get a free and non-obligation quote. You can also use our online form and simply enter your name and contact details so we’d know how to reach you.


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