Get Your Backyard Ready for The Summer

Get Your Backyard Ready for The Summer

Summer is upon us, and that means spending more time outdoors. Your backyard has been through a long and cold winter, and it deserves some love. More importantly, you and your family deserve a great place to spend the sunny days and the balmy nights. When you have friends over for a BBQ, you want a great spot to entertain. Good planning will make sure you get all this. You can have your backyard fitting all your needs in no time. How you can get your backyard ready for the summer.

Water, water, water

Watering your garden is a no-brainer. You can be excused in the winter months when the plants and grass might not need as much water. Come the hotter months; your garden needs to be properly watered. A good long, deep, soaking is needed. Soaking your plants will ensure the plants send roots deep down into your soil to chase the water. You don’t want roots to be shallow. Now, on the hot days, these deep roots will have access to the moist soil while the upper soil gets dry. Make sure there are no water restrictions before going crazy with the water!

Cut and prune

The winter was long, and you didn’t give your garden much love. You have neglected a few trees shrubs, now is the time to give them a prune. Give them a good haircut just above the node or bud with some sharp tools while it’s not too hot. Follow this with plenty of water, so you allow them to recover with minimal stress. Ideally, you want to give your plants some time to recover before it gets hot. The closer it gets to summer, the smaller your window is to prune successfully. If you prune during summer, the hot days will cause too much stress, and this can have fatal consequences. 1300RUBBISH can take care of any garden and green waste.

Your lawn

A good lawn creates a multi-use space. If you have children, you will already be thinking about your lawn. Not only is a nice lawn an excellent place for the children and pets, but it’s also a great spot to host friends on a lovely summer evening. A healthy, green lawn has a cooling effect on your property on the hot summer days. When water evaporates off the grass, it cools the rest of your garden and home. This will make it more comfortable to be outside. Additionally, a well-maintained lawn will smell nice and look inviting; it will provide a tranquil space to relax.

Give your lawn a scan and remove any sticks, leaves and other debris. You want to remove everything before you mow the lawn. Furthermore, you want all areas of the grass to get sunlight and oxygen. If there are any bald patches, sow some seed and fertilise the lawn. Going the extra mile will make it extra lush for summer.

Extend the Shade

These days, people want a seamless transition between their indoor and outdoor living spaces. The best way to do this protects from the elements. Having a decent sized covered outdoor area, either a roof or awning is a perfect idea for summer. It creates a space that is desirable; you can spend more time in this space. A simple umbrella doesn’t cut it, especially when you have a big family or host people frequently.

Picking your Furniture

Your furniture will depend on your space, who is using it, and how they use it. Obviously, if you like to lounge in the shade, choose an outdoor sofa. If you entertain with dinner and drinks, opt for an outdoor dining set.

Follow these tips, and your lawn will be ready for a great summer. Remember, start early to give plants some time to recover!



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