Spring is the perfect time to have a good clean up in the newly blooming garden, however this often results in a large amount of green waste. So now the garden looks great but you’ve still got a big ugly pile of green waste in the corner, what to do?

Green Waste Removal Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast & Adelaide

1300Rubbish is a 100% Australian owned and run business, specialising in the removal of all types of rubbish, including green waste. With more than 25 years experience in the waste industry we have gained a wealth of experience in the removal and management of all types of rubbish, from all types of sites.

We make green waste removal so easy

Green waste can often be cumbersome and difficult to manage. At 1300Rubbish we pride ourselves on our hands-on service; we come to you, we load the green waste into our truck and we’ll even give the area a sweep up afterwards. Our service is efficient, professional and friendly, we aim to take the hard work out of your green waste removal.

Cheap green waste removal – good for the environment

The great thing about large quantities of green waste removal is that it can be taken to transfer stations that specialise in mulching green waste to create bark products or compost. At 1300rubbish we are dedicated to diverting as much waste, green or otherwise, from landfill as possible. Disposing of waste responsibly is a vital part of a sustainable future.


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