Hard Rubbish CollectionHard rubbish collection is a type of service that provides households the unique opportunity of disposing rubbish items that are not usually accepted or cannot possibly fit in a garden organics bin, commingled, or a kerbside residual. The service is also usually provided by all metropolitan councils for their residents.

Hard rubbish refers to material that cannot be placed and kept in the kerbside waste bin. Each council has its own criteria for identifying the type of materials that are accepted in their hard rubbish collection. As a result, hard rubbish is defined in varying ways depending on the criteria set by a certain council.

What Can Be Included In A Hard Rubbish Collection

The following items are the usual types of rubbish material that can be included in a hard rubbish collection.

  1. Scrap metal
  2. Small car parts (tyres and car batteries not included)
  3. Glass from windows and mirrors
  4. Timber (should be 1.2m in length or shorter)
  5. Garden furniture
  6. Lawn mowers and other garden equipment
  7. Household furniture and china
  8. Baths
  9. Hot water systems
  10. Fridges (door is removed)
  11. Dryers, washing machines and ovens

Hard Rubbish Items That Will Not Be Collected

These items are just some of the hard rubbish items that are not usually collected in a hard rubbish collection service.

  1. Green waste (weeds, tree prunings, etc.)
  2. Tyres and car batteries
  3. LPG bottles
  4. Chemical containers
  5. Pharmaceutical, poisonous or pathological wastes
  6. Demolition, renovation or building waste (This includes excavation, rubble, fences, bricks or concrete material.)
  7. Waste from commercial or industrial premises
  8. Asbestos
  9. Waste oils (motor oil, cooking oil, etc.)
  10. Liquid or industrial wastes
  11. Paints and chemicals
  12. Mattresses and bases
  13. Household rubbish
  14. Kitchen appliances
  15. E-waste (electrical appliances)
  16. Computer equipment/printers
  17. Televisions

Types Of Hard Rubbish Collection Services

Councils have different approaches when it comes to managing hard rubbish collection services. They are divided into three categories namely booked collections, blanket collections and combined collections.

Booked collections allow residents to arrange a hard rubbish collection at their preferred dates throughout the year. For a fee, residents are allowed to book additional collections depending on the council’s discretion. While this can be the most popular category, it provides a limited number of booked collection opportunities to residents every year.

Blanket collections use the “one size fits all” approach wherein residents are allowed to get a hard rubbish collection service at least once each year under a scheduled and pre-determined time. Generally speaking, these collections are charged through the general rates of a council or using the municipal waste charge that is placed on every residential property.

Combined collections offer booked and blanket collection services to residents. Usually, it is offered as a blanket service that comes with a booked service which is subsidized and is offered when the need arises.

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