Depending on your local council, the procedures for Hard Waste Collection vary widely as do the times they collect. Many councils have set days (say 2 per year) when they will pick up rubbish off the kerb or will arrange a pickup from the kerb.

Hard Waste Collection – metal and hard rubbish

It’s generally the case that metal will be sorted separately as this can be recycled and has some value, whereas the other items (old furniture, bric a brac etc) are generally all loaded into a garbage truck destined for landfill. Its a common site to see the “metal men” driving along bulging with old metal items and cutting the cords off electrical appliances for the copper inside.

When council Hard Waste Collection does not cut it

Due to the inflexibility and infrequency of council Hard Waste Collection there are a number of problems that can end up making the whole exercise a real hassle.

  • Lack of space, todays suburban dwellers do not have large sheds to house a mountain of Hard Waste for nearly 6 months waiting for the particular day to come
  • Hard labour – carting Hard Waste from where it lays to the kerb can be a massive job
  • Two metres squared restriction – put out a couple of old 3 seater couches and chances are you have gone over your allowed limit (fingers crossed they still pick it up)
  • List of restricted items – no construction waste, gas cylinders, batteries…….
  • Eyesore that kills the grass, attracts pests (animal, insect and human) and blocks the path
  • Rush rush rush to make the pickup date, but what about if you have more important things to do?
  • Weight lifter – what you become when you need to get old furniture to the kerb

The easy way to handle Hard Waste removal

If any of the above ring true – then here is an alternative. 1300Rubbish have a Hard Waste collection service that answers all these issues:

  • They pick up the items where they lie, you just show them what goes and what stays
  • There is no limit to what they will take or how much of it
  • You choose the exact time they come and collect the hard rubbish
  • They even sweep up after so there is no mess

Hard Waste Collection – get an estimate

For a fast, easy estimate on clearing the Hard Waste from your life, give 1300Rubbish a call on 1300 782 247 or fill in the online estimate form.

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