How to Choose the Right Rubbish Removal CompanyGetting rubbish removed quickly, safely and efficiently may seem like a relatively straightforward exercise. Choosing a company that can undertake the work is simply a matter of identifying a firm or contractor that can do it in the time frame required. However, some factors should be considered before a final choice of operators is made.

The right company for the job

Whether you are a homeowner, office manager, builder or estate manager, finding the right contractor requires some care and thought. However large or small the task, it needs to be carried out legally and most efficiently and cost-effectively. Some of the things to consider include:

  • the type of rubbish to be cleared
  • the volume of it
  • the timescale for removal
  • available budget
  • the nature and location of the area from which it is to be cleared
  • access to the area to be cleared
  • the ability of the firm to work legally and comply with regulations
  • the reputation of the company

On-line reviews and feedback can help identify a reputable company, and their website should give details of any relevant registrations and licenses that they hold.

The nature of the task

It is essential that the type and amount of rubbish to be cleared is identified and from where. This will make identifying the right contractor easier as their responses to information will indicate their abilities and professionalism. They should be clear on whether they have adequate knowledge of particular rubbish to be cleared, for example, materials controlled by specific regulations, the necessary size of vehicle required, number of workers etc. This will also dictate the final quote they offer.

There may be specific requirements that need to be met. For example, the rubbish to be cleared may be in an area surrounded by an established garden or in a space with vulnerable features, both of which mean extra care and caution must be exercised during the clearing of the rubbish to prevent damage.


Australia has restrictions and regulations regarding the disposal of rubbish. Anyone undertaking the clearance of waste will have to comply with the relevant procedures and regulations for the area in which they are working. For example, if some of the rubbish involved contains toxic elements or other materials that are controlled by regulations, the contractor must comply with the legal requirements of those controls and regulations. Check out 1300Rubbish for hand on rubbish removal, fast, friendly and reliable.

Value for money

Everyone wants value for money, and rubbish disposal companies are used to trying to beat the competition. But caution should be exercised when getting quotes. For example, if a contractor is talking about needing to hire extra labour to get the job done, is that included in the quote? What happens if they under-estimate the amount of time and number of journeys needed to complete the clearance?


When discussing the disposal of rubbish with possible service suppliers as much clarification with the potential contractor as possible should be obtained on these points:

  • the nature and amount of rubbish to be cleared
  • whether the contractor is legally registered and licensed appropriately in the area in which they operate
  • the ability of the contractor to complete the work in the timescale required
  • the ability of the contractor to meet any special requirements such as disposal of regulated rubbish or extra care during removal due to the area to be cleared
  • ability to provide value for money

As with almost anything else, it always pays to obtain more than one quote. If all things are equal amongst two or more potential service providers, then value for money will ultimately help the decision-making process when selecting the right firm.



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