A clean workplace is essential regardless of whether food handling or medical operations are involved. Keeping a workplace clean means that the environment is safe for staff as well as visitors and reduces the chance of people getting sick or tripping over things left of the floor.

It isn’t only sickness and safety that’s at risk either. An untidy and unhygienic workplace just looks bad to anyone who sees it and that means new customers or clients will be turned off right away meaning that losing customers becomes a real possibility.

Let’s go over a few ways to keep a workplace clean.

Hire A Commercial Cleaning Service

First things first, if your office space is already a bit of a mess, you’ll want to request the services of professional cleaning and rubbish removal services. They’ll be able to get the place as clutter free and tidy as soon as possible and then you’ll have a far easier job when it comes to keeping it clean.

Another reason you should reach out to a professional cleaner is that you shouldn’t be adding the cleaning tasks on top of your staff. They’re already busy working on their day-to-day duties and adding cleaning to their workload is going to hit their efficiency. Leave employees to focus on their real jobs.

Implement A Hygiene Policy

One of the most effective ways to keep your office space tidy and hygienic at all times is to implement an office hygiene policy. This will have a dramatic effect over a short period of time as employees begin to understand and get into the routine of following the rules set out in the policy.

Promote the Hygiene Policy During Hiring

To make the office hygiene policy work even more effectively, you should also incorporate it into the hiring process. This way you can ensure all future employees know what the rules are and be sure that they’ll follow them. You should ask a few questions too, about what the interviewee thinks about the policy and how they would react to messy workplaces or coworkers who don’t follow the policy.

Set Basic Rules For Private Workspaces

It’s normal for cleanliness policies to stretch to include private workspaces like desks. Setting out some rules that state desks should always be kept tidy and not overflowing with clutter is a great place to start. Though, you will have to remember that a clean workspace will require somewhere to place all the clutter, so implementing a rubbish collection service or setting up easy-to-access bins might be required.

These rules aren’t likely to be taken badly by staff and everyone will soon see the benefits to an orderly and aesthetically pleasing office.

Work Alongside The OHS Standards

All Australian businesses are required to follow the safety regulations set out by the Occupational Health and Safety act and therefore the OHS should be the foundation for enforcing your cleanliness policies. A simple request to your HR department should result in all employees being notified of their responsibilities in relation to your office hygiene policy as well as the OHS standards.

Typically a single email to staff is all it takes to enforce cleanliness standards. A quick outline of the risks of injury as a result of a dirty office space is also a good motivator for staff.

Set Your Employees Up For Success

As mentioned above, you may need to make a few changes in the office to make keeping it clean a lot easier. Don’t make being hygienic a difficult task. Add in a few extra bins, a hygiene station with dishcloths and even hand sanitiser.

Encouragement is the best way to ensure your office is kept clean and it will help your employees with their hygiene and workspace cleanliness goals.


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