The garage is one of the more versatile rooms in the house. It stores your car, gym equipment, clutter and some people even use their garages for gaming rooms. You might find that you’re stocking a whole bunch of stuff in there and that it’s become a little overwhelming.

If you’re looking for a way to get even more into the garage or want to declutter it a little, then the tips we’ve listed below will certainly help you do that.

Dump Clutter

First and foremost you’ll want to declutter the garage. You simply can’t make any extra space if it’s filled to the brim with old furniture, broken toys and general rubbish. The easiest way to take care of the garage clutter in one go is to contact a rubbish removal service. They’ll do everything so all you’ll have to do is just pick and choose what needs to be thrown out.

Build Garage Cabinets

Most garages don’t have built-in cabinets or any other types of storage so this will be the first pain point you’ll want to rid the garage of. A simple wall-mounted cabinet or even a standalone cabinet is a must for every garage. You can find these at your local hardware or online store and they’re surprisingly easy to set up, even if you’re on your own.

Ceiling Storage

If you go all out on your wall storage you might find that you’ve run out of wall space. This isn’t the end of free space in the garage, so don’t worry. You can utilise your ceiling for even more overhead storage. The ceiling is the best place for storing seasonal items like skis or above-ground swimming pools as you won’t need to access these every day.

You might want to add a safety net below these items just to make sure there’s no chance of them falling on you or someone else.

Wall-mounted Folding Benches

This tip is perfect for those who like to use their garages as hobby shops. If you need a workbench don’t set one up in the centre of the room and waste valuable floor space, set it up on the wall. These types of folding benches can collapse when they’re not in use so you won’t be losing any floor space at all.

Magnetic Boards for Small Items

When working with smaller items like nuts and bolts it can be really easy to lose track of all these things. Most people have a large tub filled with all of their nuts and bolts but again this takes up floor or bench space. Take this organisation once step further in your garage and opt for a magnetic board for your walls. This will mean you can easily stick all of your nuts, bolts and other materials to it.

Add Adjustable Shelving

You might find that shelving of a set size doesn’t work for you all year round. If your shelves aren’t spaced far enough apart to fit what you need, then opt for adjustable shelving. You’ll then be able to fit taller or wider items on shelves and keep them up off the floor.

Some wooden shelves allow you to pull the wood panels out, effectively leaving you with the ‘shell’ of the cabinet. Using just the shell you’ll be able to store things like brooms, rakes and even pool noodles.

Build a Shed

If you find that the garage is just too small to hold everything that you want, then it might be time to invest in a backyard shed. An outdoor shed is the best way to add a ton of extra storage space to the garage as most backyard sheds are at least half the size of the garage. You’ll be getting a good return too as an outdoor shed will add value to the house.

Organise Wires

The best way to keep your wiring off the floor and organised is with zip ties. If you don’t use the wires a lot then roll them up and zip tie them to a hook in the garage. This way they’re off the floor and in a place that won’t cause someone to trip over them.


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