Investing some time in getting your home ready for sale is one of the best things you can do to get the highest sale price possible. Just a few minor touches can change a prospective buyer’s entire outlook on your home and push them to bid higher.

Most real estate agents agree that buyers are looking for more than just a home, but the lifestyle that comes with it. That means working to showcase your home in the best and most positive light is essential to getting the highest return.

Let’s take a look at a few great tips to prepare your home for sale.

A Deep Clean

Although this might sound obvious and straightforward, there are a few little tips and tricks we want to go over. Not only will a spotless house give buyers a look at the best your home can look, but it will also make sure they feel clean and interested.

Be sure to focus on throwing out literally every piece of rubbish and also old furniture that might not suit the home. Hiring a professional removal team is also a good idea here too as they will be able to help move items and take them away for you.

Finally, it’s also a good idea to mix in vanilla essence or another homely fragrance into your cleaning products to give the home a great, inviting scent.

Paint Over Faded Walls

Another essential step is to paint over faded, chipped or damaged walls. This way your new buyers won’t be looking at all of the extra jobs they have to do and they’ll be able to focus on the positives. Giving your home a new paint job also means you can paint over any walls that might have had an out-of-style tone. This will bring your home back on trend.

Encourage Airflow

During open days, make sure that your windows are spotless and leave them open. Also keep the tracks and window sills clean too. This way you’ll be letting in more light, a breeze as well as showing off the outside views your home might offer too. It’s also far more inviting for viewers to see windows that are open rather than closed,

Replace All Fixtures and Fittings

It’s no secret that almost every single buyer will be judging your home’s age and appeal on the fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. Therefore make changing these fixtures a priority. Any outdated taps, replace right away. The most on-trend fixture styles are square, matte-coloured versions.

Another big focus should also be on old door handles and cabinet pulls. These will also show the age of your home, so do your best to keep these as up-to-date as possible too.

Style Rooms for Everyone

As buyers are buying for themselves you’ll need to rearrange room furniture to focus on a versatile style. This is because your idea of a useful and practical room might be entirely different to someone else. Rethink what the average living room, bedroom and sitting room looks like and arrange yours to suit.

Curb Appeal

No matter how modern, stylish and presentable the interior of your home is, if the exterior is out of style or showing signs of age, your buyers will immediately be turned away. The first thing you need to do is the gardening. Grass needs to be freshly cut every time there is a viewing, plants need to be maintained and weeds must be non-existent.

It also pays off to have a nice feature in the front yard, like a great stone mailbox or fountain.

Make It Homely

Once everything is clean, restyled and a fresh coat of paint is sitting on your walls, you can then focus on making the home ‘homely’. This is the fun part.

Take a walk around the house and look for anywhere you can add plants, warm lamps, throw pillows, fruit bowls and more. This way the home will look lived in and show buyers what life could be like in your home. Change the dynamics of your house and give it the happy feel you’ve always wanted it to have.


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