Sometimes, you just have to do it – you’ll find that you need to clean your house – perhaps you’ve been in the same place for a long time or you’ll find that you’re working with a house that’s full of clutter.  Perhaps you follow a specific view of cleaning and tidying your house, or perhaps you’ve just got to clean it out in time for a specific event.  Whatever the reason, need to make a plan.  Some people recommend hiring a skip, and size it based on the rooms you want to declutter, but your other option is collecting all of the rubbish from your garden, using a company that works with clearing gardens and driveways of junk.   Junk removal is often one of the most difficult things to plan for, as it often turns out that there’s far more than you expect so how do you remove it cheaply and safely?


Cheap rubbish removal

There are several guidelines for cheap rubbish removal, and these tips should help you make the best of what you’ve got.

    1. How much decluttering and junk removal are you planning to do? – A small spring clean isn’t the same as a new start, so you need to look at what you’re planning to do.  You may want to consider storing all of your decluttered items in your garage, if you can.


    1. What sort of rubbish and junk are you getting rid of – are you interested, for example in dumping it all, or are you going to upcyle and offer some before getting rid of it?  Many people find this part the most difficult of all, as not throwing items away means that they may hang around and you may change your mind.


    1. When do you need it done by – If you have a deadline, you need to work with that, otherwise you’ll find that you’ll put it off and off and before you know it, so plan for it properly, and discuss your needs with an specialist.


  1. Do you have a date in mind? – If you’re working to a date, then you should contact your rubbish removal team as soon as possible.  It’s critical in these cases to ensure that you’ve got your booking in, in time.

Options for junk removal

If you’re looking to get rid of a small amount, a team that specialise in rubbish removal in tight situations might be the best idea – these groups can work well with people that need to declutter small flats, but remember that wherever you’re piling rubbish, you have to be allowed to put it there.  Often the best way to deal with this is to put the items outside as close to pick up as possible.