How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Smoothly

How to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Smoothly

Garbage disposals are a wonder when you need that a bit of leftovers dealt with. However, many homes take their garbage disposal for granted, leading them to become clogged or stop working altogether.

If you follow these simple steps, you will have your garbage disposal running smoothly for a long time.

Small Pieces

Your disposal is only so big, and the blades can only handle so much. Don’t expect that it can handle anything you throw at it. Don’t feed it huge chunks of meat of the fruit. Cut waste into smaller chunks and only put in a few pieces at a time. Large portions of food are a great way to clog, jam or even break it.

Run Disposal Regularly

Run your garbage disposal whenever you can. If you don’t have anything to grind up, turn on the water and run the disposal every few days to move the parts around. If you don’t use it regularly, it can freeze up, rust or even corrode. Additionally, leftover food can harden, leading to bad odours and clogs. Think of it as exercise; you need to keep it in shape and working well.

Run It Longer

Even after it has finished grinding up the waste, let it and the water keeps running for a minute. This will ensure that all the food has been flushed out and prevent clogs. If you want, run the cold water with a little detergent. This will aid the cleaning process and make sure nothing is clinging to the sides.

Cold Water

Always use cold water, never hot. Typically, hot water is best for cleaning most things, this is not the case for your garbage disposal. Hot water can melt the food your disposal is trying to grind up, allowing the waste to cling to the sides. In comparison, cold water hardens the food, making it easier for the garbage disposal to grind it up and push it down.

Grind Citrus Fruit

Soap and cold water are great for the upkeep of your garbage disposal. However, there are other tricks to keeping it clean. Once in a while, feed the garbage disposal a peel from an orange, lemon or lime. The peel will help clear excess waste. More importantly, it will rid your disposal of unpleasant odours.

What Not to Put in a Garbage Disposal

Some things are not meant to go at the disposal because they don’t grind up easily. Taking advantage of your garbage disposal is a great way to break it. You should inform your children about what they can and can’t put in as well. Always avoid putting the following items in your garbage disposal:

–   Big bones or seeds

–   Expandable foods

–   Grease or oil

–   Potato Peels

–   Glass, plastic, metal or paper

Following these tips will allow you to keep your garbage disposal clean a functioning well. If you run into problems, a clog or jam, never attempt to unblock it without turning off the circuit breaker. Alternatively, call a plumber to handle the issue. A garbage disposal is a great tool, but if it’s misused, it will not serve its purpose. Remember to be careful, keep your hands away! For other rubbish removal enquires, ask our team, 1300RUBBISH.



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