Landscaping Rubbish Removal and DisposalMany homeowners are opting to add more aesthetic values to their outdoor spaces and take advantage of the natural beauty surrounding their property. One of the popular ways to achieve this is by undertaking major landscaping projects which is guaranteed to give their homes an added outdoor charm and a more welcoming atmosphere.

If you’ve been thinking about giving your home a makeover by launching a landscaping project, you should also consider the amount of waste that can be produced in the end. Getting rid of landscaping waste may seem like a daunting task but something that should also be given a lot of thought and preparation. After all, a newly-landscaped home can be better appreciated if it’s also free from any form of rubbish that looks unpleasing to the eyes.

What is landscaping waste?

Landscaping waste can refer to garden rubbish such as plant trimmings, wood and leaves. It also includes organic items such as grass clippings, dirt and sod. Otherwise known as “yard waste,” landscaping waste also means all accumulations of shrubbery cuttings, tree limbs, garden plants, vines, branched, brush and anything that come as a result of the maintenance and cultivation of gardens, trees, vines, shrubbery and lawns. However, stumps, whole trees and branched that have a diameter bigger than 4 inches are not considered as landscaping waste.

Placement of Landscaping Waste

Check if there are nearby obstructions such as poles, cars, signs, etc. Make sure that you place your landscaping waste at least 3 or more feet away. The same distance applies when there is the presence of other collection items such as recycling, garbage, bulky waste and brush. You can place landscaping waste near the rear of the curb.

There are certain items that are not qualified for pickup at the curbside as landscaping waste. These include:

1. Rose bush clippings – These can be placed along with other brush collection items.
2. Catalpa seeds, nuts and seed pods – These can be thrown away with other regular garbage items.
3. Pine cones – These can be placed along with other household waste items.
4. Sticks/Brush – These can be placed loose at the curb along with other brush collection items.
5. Sod
6. Dirt
7. Grass clippings
8. Non-compostable rubbish items (e.g. plant containers)

The following are acceptable as landscaping waste items for curbside collection:

1. Flowers
2. Pine needles
3. Weeds
4. Plants and plant trimmings
5. Leaves

Call for a landscaping rubbish removal

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