Want to get rid of all those old unwanted items that end up in that spot with all your old items of furniture. That old broken wardrobe that leans to one side or that set of draws with the bottom section that falls through, what about that old TV stand and old coffee table?

Old Furniture takes up space

You’ve replaced them with upgraded new ones. Most of these are collecting dust in that spot that’s meant for your car or taking up much need space around the house.

So it’s finally time to dispose of these items and you realise just how tricky furniture removal can be some items are too heavy or there’s too many stairs for you to get them down or your car, the furniture may not fit, you could end up with a few unwanted scratches and dents!

Old Furniture Removal Made Easy

You may now be thinking of leaving them to collect another year’s worth of dust? You don’t have too. We can help you with this, this is what we do our experienced team of removalists at 1300 Rubbish can give you back that space that’s meant for your car or space around the house that’s needed.

You won’t need to lift a finger we do everything, all you need to do is show us or tell us where it is and our professional team will come collect it, load it into the truck and take it away too never be seen again. It’s as easy as that.

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