Need to clean up after the renovation strip out? Don’t lift a finger!

Home renovating can be the best of times and the worst. You know that when the project is finally completed you are going to have a bright, shiny new kitchen/bathroom/bedroom/whatever, but in the meantime you’re faced with a multitude of cleanup issues.
Bathrooms and kitchens are generally the worst because they include removal of old furniture and fittings that may have been there for many years, disposal of big and small whitegoods plus tile or carpet removal which often disguise a multitude of unexpected surprises.
While a renovation strip out may feel cathartic to those accustomed to home renovating, it can be overwhelming when you come face to face with a load of rubbish that would easily fill a street load of dumpsters.

How to Deal with Rubbish Clearance

There you have it. The renovation strip out has been done and you are left with a mountainous load of rubbish that could be decades, even centuries, old. And who knows what little critters are harbouring in the remnants of what was a perfectly acceptable house in 1943?
Although many home renovators opt for DIY rubbish clearance, not only is do it yourself waste disposal a tedious, dirty and time consuming exercise, it can be potentially hazardous. Depending on the age of the original home, all sorts of products and materials may have been used that we now know to be harmful and in some cases, lethal.
If you want to stick around and enjoy the benefits of your shiny new renovations for the longer term, it makes good sense to call in professional rubbish removers.
Not only do you save yourself the back breaking job of hauling heavy, dirty furnishings, fittings and other detritus into a hired dumpster, skip bin or trailer, you save time and energy by having the hard work done for you and best of all, you preserve your health by not being exposed to potential allergens and carcinogens that may be lurking in the junk.

Why 1300Rubbish Are the Professionals to Call

The team at 1300Rubbish will load every bit of your renovation strip out rubbish into our trucks and remove it quickly and efficiently. So there’s no need for you to worry about the cleanup at all. In fact, you don’t need to lift a finger other than to dial the number (1300 78 22 47) for an obligation free quote from 1300 Rubbish – the Rubbish Removers.
Our trucks can hold up to ten cubic metres, which should more than cover even the biggest reno job and we do a thorough sweep up afterwards.
What’s more, 1300Rubbish operators are equipped to handle all sorts of waste; we recycle as much as we possibly can and dispose of the rest in accordance with government regulations. So, what have you got to lose, other than a massive load of rubbish?

Even easier – let 1300Rubbish do your renovation strip out for you

If your builder does not do strip outs we can do that for you too! This is especially useful when space is at a premium in the renovation – the trip out material goes straight from the job into the truck so the worksite is clear of rubbish and clutter.

Call one of our friendly customer service team now on 1300 78 22 47 and they will be happy to explain the pricing structure and give you an estimate of the cost. You can make a booking whenever it’s convenient and the price will be confirmed with you so there are no surprises.