How a Residential Rubbish Removal Company like 1300Rubbish Removal Works

Also called urban solid waste, residential rubbish, typically, comprises of household waste, which can be divided into 5 broad categories.

– Recyclable waste like paper, glass, aluminum cans
– Biodegradable waste as organic kitchen waste
– Construction waste as rocks, debris
– Assorted waste like discarded clothing
– Hazardous waste as paints, fertilizers, transmission fluids

It is usually difficult to handle and treat all the above kinds of residential solid waste. Hence, the best thing to do is…

Hire a residential rubbish removal company.

There are basically 2 types of rubbish removal companies,

One that offers free services, and…

Two, a Rubbish Removal service that charges a nominal fee to remove all your trash.

While the former takes away only recyclable waste, which they recycle to generate funds, the latter removes all kinds of residential wastes. If you have a huge volume of recyclable garbage, then a free rubbish removal company would be better for you. However, if you have a wide assortment of garbage, then a paid residential rubbish removal company like 1300 Rubbish, would be your best bet.

Normally we will begin by asking you some questions pertaining to the kind and quantity of garbage you wish to dispose of. Depending upon the type and volume of residential rubbish, we will put forth a quotation.

If the quote is acceptable to you, 1300Rubbish Removal will come, on the day of your choice. and we will not only take away all the rubbish, but we will also sweep-clean the entire dumping ground.

After, we have collected all of your garbage; we will sort it out for the waste treatment process.

We normally recycle approximately 60% of the collected garbage. Additionally, we have expansive compost facilities for the treatment of biodegradable waste, and special facilities to handle hazardous wastes.

We also have access to energy recovery plants where they convert waste into energy. In nutshell, 1300 rubbish removal tries to dispose off all the collected urban solid waste in an environmental-friendly manner.