Rubbish disposal can be a real chore and can build up rapidly after a move, spring clean or office relocation. After all the hard work of sorting, moving and cleaning the last thing you need is another big job to do – but you can’t just leave it sitting there (unless you want to be the next person interviewed for the “Hoarders” show). What are the options for disposing of the rubbish you now have (without giving yourself a hernia or suffering exhaustion)?

Rubbish Disposal and the local Rubbish Tip

You could pack your lovely clean car with the rubbish and attempt to find the nearest rubbish tip (having scratched the inside of a car squeezing council pickup treasures and other junk into it and then trying to sell the car later with the insides all cut up – I would not recommend it). You could rent a trailer or truck and do all the hard work yourself – but after you pay the trailer hire and tip fees you will probably be in for a nasty shock.

Council Pickup for Rubbish Disposal

You could wait for the next council cleanup, but there are a number of problems that can end up making this option a real drag.
– Lack of storage, urban dwellers do not have massive sheds to store a mountain of rubbish for nearly 6 months waiting for the pickup day to come
– More work than you think – carting rubbish for disposal from where it lays to the roadside can be a much bigger job than you imagine
– Two metres of rubbish disposal size restriction – put out a couple of old couches and chances are you have gone over your limit (pray they still pick it up!)
– A list of restricted items you can’t put out – construction waste, cylinders, batteries…….
– Ugly heaps that kills grass, attracts rodents and fossickers and block the path
– A set pickup date not of your choosing, what if you have important things to do instead?
– Busting your back carting heavy rubbish

Rubbish Disposal using a Skip Bin

Hiring a skip bin can be expensive if you are not sure of what size skip to get or how long you will need it for. You will be charged for the whole skip and it really does not matter if you only end up filling up part of the skip with rubbish. In addition to ending up doing all the rubbish loading yourself you will also need to get a council permit to have the skip sitting outside.

The easy way to handle Rubbish Disposal

Then is an alternative to the above options and its head and shoulders above the others for making life easier – it’s called hands on rubbish disposal. 1300Rubbish have a rubbish disposal service that does not have the downsides of the other options.
– 1300Rubbish picks up the items where they lie, you just show them what you want to stay and what goes.
– There is no limit to what 1300Rubbish will take or how much of it
– The appointment is at an exact time you choose for the rubbish disposal
– They sweep up after they have moved the rubbish so there is no more mess

Rubbish Disposal estimate made easy

For a fast, easy estimate on your rubbish disposal, just give 1300Rubbish a call on 1300 782 247 or fill in the online estimate form. 1300Rubbish do Rubbish Disposal in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast and Adelaide.

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