Rubbish Removal for Rental Properties and Real EstateWith house prices soaring all over Australia, more and more people are being forced to rent for longer. However, whilst renting a home can be more affordable in the short term, you can also end up getting stung by agents and landlords when it comes to vacating your property – either through extra charges or a loss of your bond. To make sure that you get the majority or your entire bond returned, make sure that you leave the property as you found it.

Rental Rubbish Removal – for the tenant

Before you vacate your rental property, you need to ensure that you are leaving the apartment/house in the state that it was found. Property experts suggest taking pictures when you move in so that you can use it as evidence if any disputes arise on your departure. Taking photos of the condition of furniture and carpets is the best way of proving whether any damage was there already or if it’s just general wear and tear.

Removal of waste, rubbish, junk and old furniture and disposal

It’s also important to make sure that you have removed all of your furniture and belongings, otherwise landlords will charge you to have them removed. You might think you’re doing them a favour by leaving that extra bed or a new table, however most furniture in rental properties have to abide by certain safety rules, so you may actually be charged for leaving them.

Rental property cleanup for real estate inspection

Make sure you give the property a thorough clean and check your rental agreement before you leave. Some agents and landlords make it a requirement that you have the carpets industrially cleaned before you leave, otherwise the landlord will do it for you. Always do this type of work yourself, as landlords tend to charge extra to organise it themselves, taking the money out of your bond.

Skip hire and skip bins don’t work for real estate rental cleanup

So whilst you’re busy scrubbing the walls, give 1300Rubbish a call to come and remove any rubbish or furniture that you might want removed. We organise our collections within two hour windows and always try to work around whatever time is convenient to you. If you have to hand over the keys and have the property inspected at 12pm on a Monday, for example, we can guarantee that we will be there between 9am and 11am to remove any last minute rubbish.

Rubbish Removal for Rental Properties – for the landlord.

Fast rubbish removal for real estate agents and rental property renovation. Making property management easier.

Hands on Rubbish Removal for Rentals

As a landlord, you need to ensure that every property is fit for the next person to move into. Unfortunately this can also mean cleaning up after your previous tenants. We’ve been called out to properties where tenants have left their furniture outside on the nature strip, or where they’ve just left, leaving all their furniture behind and the washing up in the sink. Wherever the rubbish, we are on hand to remove it quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on finding new tenants or preparing the property for inspections.

Fast rubbish removal for real estate agents and rental property renovation. Making property management easier.

1300Rubbish aim to be with you within 24 hours, so if you have a quick turn around between tenants, we will do everything we can to make sure that there is no hold up. We currently work closely with several high profile real estate agents, so we’re used to adapting for each different challenge. We understand that agents and landlords cannot always be on hand for us to access properties so, if necessary, we can collect keys from the letting office prior to a rubbish removal.

1300Rubbish – hands on rubbish removal for rental properties


So, if you need rubbish removed from your rental property in a hurry, give 1300Rubbish a call today on 1300 78 22 47 and one of our customer service team will be able to give you a fast, obligation free quote. We will then be able to arrange a collection for you at your earliest convenience. Our service is fast, cost-effective and efficient, and our drivers will even sweep up after themselves. Call today!