Understanding Municipal Solid Waste

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), also known as urban solid waste, refers to the rubbish that is collected through community sanitation services. In addition to household waste, MSW comprises of market waste, street sweepings, yard waste, and garbage from institutions and commercial units like shops, offices and movie halls.

Importance of Rubbish Removal Services

In the absence of proper rubbish removal services, MSW starts piling up on the open grounds near the particular residential area. The mountains of garbage not only produces offensive odor, but also becomes a breeding ground of rodents and other disease-causing organisms. Furthermore, the waste deposit makes the entire neighborhood look dirty and dingy.

Municipal Solid Waste Management and Community

Municipal solid waste management, to a large extent, depends upon community contribution. It is the responsibility of the whole community to think about the well-being of the environment, and take effective steps to keep it in good shape. With respect to municipal solid waste management, rubbish removal services are your best bet. Apart from clearing the garbage-dumping area, these companies dispose off all the rubbish in an environment-friendly manner.

The Different Types of Rubbish Removal Services Available in Your Community

Basically, there are two types of rubbish removal services viz. free rubbish removal services and paid rubbish removal services.

While the former takes away only recyclable waste and generates funds by recycling the waste, the latter disposes off all kinds of garbage; from biodegradable waste, inert waste and composite waste to recyclable waste and domestic hazardous waste. The price of paid rubbish removal services vary depending upon the type and volume of the garbage.

As in a community, large amount of garbage is produced each day, therefore dumpster rental is another feasible option.

You just have to select a good place for the dumpster, and the rest of the things will be taken care by the dumpster rental company. Cost is an important issue that shouldn’t be overlooked. Some dumpster rental companies charge by weight of the garbage, others charge by day. There are still others that charge on the basis of size of the dumpster. A good company can even offer to clean up the dumpster-placement site.

It is advisable to carefully weigh all the pros and cons before selecting rubbish removal services for your community.