Skip bin DIY or hands on rubbish pick up and junk disposal

What’s next for your rubbish?

There’s something almost therapeutic about giving your home a good old clear out; sorting through clothes you haven’t worn for decades, reminiscing over music you haven’t listened to for years and finding food at the back of your cupboards that went out of date before the invention of the internet. The thought of a clear out might put a shiver down your spine, but once you find the time and you get into the swing of things, clearing out your home can actually be quite enjoyable.

What happens once you’ve finished the sorting and the organising is when it gets tough. You have, what seems like thousands, of black bags that the council won’t pick up, some broken garden furniture, an old couch and a collection of old electronic goods. What do you do next?

Hire a Skip Bin

Hiring a skip bin is often a first choice when it comes to getting rid of your rubbish. You can load it up whilst you clear out and have it there for a few days if needs be. However, hiring a skip bin can prove expensive if you’re keeping it there for more than a day, and you can never be sure of what size skip to get. You’re charged for the whole thing, with no discounts if you only end up filling half. Plus you end up having to do all the loading yourself and you’ll also have to acquire a council permit to have the skip outside for a certain period of time. Time consuming and potentially expensive…

Do It Yourself (DIY) Rubbish pick up

Your next option would be to load up your car and take your rubbish down to your local tip yourself. This is great if you have a Ute that can hold your large furniture items, not so great if you have a brand new car and leather seats that you really don’t want to scratch with old pieces of wood, furniture and other waste.

Give yourself a break, you’ve just cleared out your entire house, you don’t want to be spending whatever energy you have left on lugging your rubbish to the tip, do you?

Hands on Rubbish pick up and junk disposal

At 1300Rubbish, we offer the ideal solution for residential clear outs. We offer a hands on rubbish pick-up service, which means that we come to you, load up all of your rubbish – whatever it is and from wherever it is  – and take it away with us there and then. There’s no need for skip bin permits or trips to the dump, all of the work is done for you and you’re only charged for what we pick up and take away.

All it takes is one simple phone call to one of our friendly customer service team, who can give you an obligation free estimate over the phone. You tell us when you need it collected and we’ll organise a pick up around a time that suits you. It couldn’t be simpler – all costs are confirmed up front before the job begins, so there are no hidden charges. Call 1300 78 22 47, and save yourself time and energy by letting us do the hard work for you.