House Cleaning and Renovation.

If you are looking for a house cleaning and disposal service in the Sydney area, that you can trust, you have found us.

We are a long-established company with many satisfied customers who will attest to our professionalism, discretion and efficiency. We offer a complete cleaning and renovation service at very competitive rates throughout the Sydney area. Our staff are approachable, friendly and very good at what they do.

House cleaning due to Death.

When a person who lives alone dies, someone has to take responsibility for clearing and cleaning the property. This can be a time-consuming task and if you were close to the deceased an emotional one. Whether you are a relative, friend or executor of the deceased, why don’t you avail yourself of our services?

Properties don’t just need emptying and cleaning due to death; it could be that elderly relatives are moving to smaller accommodation or even an old persons’ residence. Or, perhaps tenants have moved out, leaving a mess.

Often properties are left in a poor state and unfortunately sometimes an unsanitary one. Great care has to be taken in these circumstances, and we believe this is best left to professionals

Our Approach.

Our first job will be to remove any items you wish to keep and deliver them to a location of your choosing.

We will then examine remaining furniture, white goods and electrical equipment. It could be that there are some brown furniture items, bed frames, or suites that could be donated to charity. Similarly, with fridges, cookers, washing machines and other small electrical goods that are still serviceable. We will deliver these items to a local charity.

Soft furnishings such as curtains, mattresses, cushions, light shades, window blinds, carpets and rugs will be removed and disposed of.

We will safely dispose of any chemicals, paints, solvents, makeup and medicines.

Once the property has been emptied, our professional team will perform a deep-clean, which will include fumigation to get rid of any pests and deodorisation.

Once the property is clean, our team will examine every room to see whether repairs are necessary and if they are completing them before completely redecorating the property.

Gardens, Yards and External Areas.

Once the house is finished, we turn our attention to any yard or garden. We will demolish any old garden sheds or car garages, and empty and clean sheds and garages that remain fit for purpose.

The team will mow the lawn, prune any hedges or trees, weed borders, clear pathways with a high-pressure hose and carry out any external repairs or decoration.

Our service includes the removal of unwanted garden ornaments, bird tables, ornamental ponds etc. We will also arrange for the sale or disposal of items such as cars, boats, sit on lawn mowers and tools.

Property Prepared for Rent or Sale.

Once our team have completed their work, the property will be in excellent condition, and ready to put up for sale or offer on the rental market. It is in your best interest to achieve this position as soon as possible. Past customers of our company will testify to the personal nature of our service and the professionalism of the team. You can be assured that we will carry out your requirements precisely as you have specified, acting with the utmost discretion and respect at all times.

Contact 1300RUBBISH today for a comprehensive quote. We know that you will be delighted with what we can offer. Let us lift the burden of having to clean and renovate a property, leaving you time to do the things you enjoy.

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