The focus on the proper disposal of waste is more important than ever. This goes for all types of waste, not just cardboard and plastic. So, what about green waste? What is green waste? It’s the waste materials we get from our yards, the grass, leaves, debris and more. There are proper ways to dispose of these materials; you can’t just dump it anywhere you want. If it’s not disposed of correctly, it can have an adverse effect on the environment.

Is dumping illegal?

People assume that it’s okay to dump this waste because it’s grass and tree branches. Yes, it’s considered biodegradable, but it’s still illegal to dump it. Dumping green waste causes unsightly conditions and lead to a fine of up to $500. Councils develop laws to try and prevent people from dumping green waste. Additionally, you’re not allowed to mix your green waste in with your regular rubbish. Disposing of green waste in landfills can cause them to overload.

Storage of waste

We all have green waste bins, but are you using them correctly? Regarding storage, you need to ensure your waste is stored reasonably neatly and in a sanitary manner. This will help it remain clean and odour free. If you don’t have a green waste bin, you can use a similar container of any kind. Don’t use rubbish bags or plastic bags.

How to properly dispose

You have a few legal options when it comes to waste disposal. You should strongly consider the thought of being penalised when you dispose of waste illegally. Your first option is calling the council. They will often come and dispose of your green waste for free. Having said this, they might take days or weeks to come. Next, you can go out of your way and rent some heavy machinery like a wood chipper. Using a woodchipper leaves you in a similar situation, you still have waste to dispose of. The best option is getting an experienced rubbish removal service in to aid you. 1300Rubbish will come and take your green waste and dispose of it properly. The best bit, once it’s picked up, you no longer have to worry about it.

What happens to the waste next?

Green waste can be used for a range of things. The most common and straightforward use is composting. Composting is the process of allowing the organic materials to decompose naturally into the soil. Homeowners that are environmentally conscious love having their compost at home. This allows them to add things like dinner scraps and coffee grounds. Why compost? It will create a healthier landscape that is highly resistant to infestation.
Another way to reuse green waste is grasscycling. What’s that? It’s when you mow your lawn and leave the grass clippings on the lawn. The clippings will eventually decompose and return nutrients to the soil. This will not only help your lawn, but it will also save you plenty of time. Why doesn’t everyone do this? Having grass clippings all over your lawn can create a mess if you have children and pets. Furthermore, it doesn’t look great.
Remember, green waste has to be disposed of in the right way. Just because it’s biodegradable, does not give you the right to chuck it anywhere you want.


With all these tasks completed, you should be ready for a safe, active and happy summer season on your property. If you need some help getting rid of any green waste or old furniture, 1300RUBBISH can do the work for you! Give us a call today!



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