Same-Day Garbage Removal ServiceGetting your garbage removed every single day helps to keep your home cleaner and odour free. Stop the buildup of unsightly and malodorous rubbish today by arranging a same day garbage removal service for your home or business. 

The problems associated with a buildup of garbage

There are numerous health and safety hazards associated with household or corporate rubbish that is allowed to build up over a series of weeks rather than being removed every day. The issue is particularly pressing for properties that generate large volumes of waste, such as commercial premises (hotels, cafes, and other businesses) or large households. Let’s take a look at three of the most prominent hazards.

A proliferation of disease-causing germs

You may already be aware of the statistical fact that a single bacterium can multiply within just 24 hours to create around 8 million new bacteria. That means that the scraps of food, meat, and other waste in your garbage cans can foster exploding populations of bacteria if they are left in place for long periods of time. Meat is a particular hazard when it comes to the build-up of harmful germs, but dairy products such as cheese and milk, and even vegetable peelings can also pose a risk. The diseases that can be caught from everyday household waste are numerous, and include (but are not limited to):

  • Salmonella poisoning
  • Infection with roundworm or hookworm
  • Tetanus
  • E coli poisoning
  • Shigellosis
  • Listeria
  • Bartonella virus (a risk if animal litter is thrown out with your garbage)

Symptoms can range from nasty bouts of food poisoning to severe skin infections. Also, when garbage is not collected on a daily basis, it will be more likely that your bins are overflowing. This vastly increases the danger of cross-contamination as items of garbage fall to the floor, spreading germs to this surface, or the hands and clothing of people walking close to the garbage cans become contaminated and spread bacteria to door handles, computer keyboards, and other objects around the building.

Attracting unwanted mice, roaches, and other unwelcome guests

Rats and mice are more likely to be attracted to garbage cans if they are left undisturbed for significant periods of time. A bin that is left full for a fortnight can be an attractive spot for a rodent’s feast, while the warmth in the centre of garbage is also known to entice rats as a potential nesting site. The mix of damp, dank conditions and nutrients within an unemptied trash can attracts arthropods such as cockroaches. These rodents and other pests bring with them more germs, and as they scurry around near the garbage cans, they carry those germs even further afield, creating an even more urgent risk to human health.

Bad odours

We all know, and hate, the horrible smells that can come from untouched garbage. Meat and dairy products are some of the worst culprits here, and often even if your trash can have a lid to it, it remains the case that no amount of air freshener will be able to conceal that rotten odour. If your garbage is removed every day, however, your premises will smell nice and fresh at all times. This is particularly important if you are running a restaurant or similar business: a fetid odour is enough to attract the health inspectors to your door.

Arrange for your daily garbage removal service today

Daily rubbish emptying services are much more affordable than you might think. As well as being super convenient, they also help to make your premises much more hygienic by halting the buildup of bacteria. They also prevent infestations from pests such as roaches and rodents, and stopping bad smells from building up. Hot tip: give your garbage cans a good clean with bleach and hot water each time the garbage is removed, before putting new bags inside. Book a job online with 1300Rubbish, hands on rubbish removal.