Wood Deck Demolition And RemovalDoing a wood deck demolition work has always been regarded as an easier task compared to wood deck building. This can be due to the fact that the tools needed for tearing down a deck are generally available at a number of home improvement or hardware shops. These tools are also cost-friendly and can be used for various other purposes which make them a worthwhile investment of any household.

Why Remove An Old Deck

Although the thought of removing an old deck can be intimidating, there are several reasons that would make a homeowner desire for such change. One of them is when the deck starts to show signs of sagging and splintering. If you feel like your old deck needs to finally retire, you should consider putting an end to its misery.

Other types of damage to watch out for include bad beams, rotting joists, rotting ledger boards and soft deck boards. If the damage is extensive, you have no other choice but to pull out and rip everything apart in order to rebuild.

Another reason involves the need to do a home remodeling. As the housing market continues to struggle, several homeowners would rather focus on improving their current residence as opposed to buying a new home. Likewise, those who are into selling homes would want to make sure that the product they are selling gains good market value which can be achieved if it has undergone a remodeling or a renovating phase.

Useful Tips in Demolishing and Removing a Wooden Deck


  1. Consider the size of an existing deck.

Find out whether the deck area is large enough to match your family’s lifestyle. Other things to consider are the deck’s shade structures, grill, room for storage, adequate seating and whether there is enough space to move comfortably and to perform our daily tasks well.

Planning to expand an existing deck will depend on whether the framing and support are still stable or not. Moreover, using a new wood and placing it side by side with the old wood can bring an unattractive result. However, the situation will surely improve when another season has passed since new wood tends to discolor and possess the same shade as the older wood.

  1. Get a professional assessment.

It may be wise to call on a decking contractor who is a professional in the field and has the qualifications needed when it comes to assessing the condition of an existing deck. With a trained eye, contractors know from the beginning what to look for and which elements they need to inspect. Furthermore, he understands every stage of the demolition and removal project and can visualize a milestone brought by circumstances.

  1. Know and understand the existence of a building code.

It is important to check on an existing building code since it tends to undergo changes over time. Building codes can often dictate the processes and required specifications in constructing a deck. Some of the things that may be adjusted in order to match an existing building code include the deck’s framing joist and size of beam; design and structure of the stairs; height and design of the railing; and quantity of piers along with its location and specifications.

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