Rubbish Removal Rose Bay

Moving to or from Rose Bay?

Have you recently moved to Rose Bay? Or perhaps you’re moving away and need to downsize the amount of junk you have accumulated over the years. Please call our friendly office staff now on 1300 78 22 47 for an obligation free estimate. Same day service available.

Out with the old and in with the new

If you have purchased new furniture and need to get rid of the old pieces, don’t break your back dragging everything outside for kerbside collection. Our experienced team can come inside and carry out any furniture that needs to go and load it straight onto our truck. Our team is also experienced in all aspects of demolition and strip out, so we can help you pull up that tired old carpet and make way for the new floor covering too. Call our office on 1300 78 22 47 now for an obligation free estimate.

Rubbish Removal Rose Bay

Rose Bay and surrounds rubbish removal

> Bellevue Hill
> Rose Bay
> North Sydney
> Paddington
> Randwick
> Darling Point
> Ultimo
> Bondi Junction
> Vaucluse
> Darlinghurst
> Alexandria

Rose Bay rubbish removal

> Deceased estates
> Moving House rubbish
> Garden & Garage
> Deceased estates
> Estate cleanout
> Packaging
> Fixture Removal
> Household rubbish
> Furniture Removal
> Carpet Removal
> Green waste

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The Hands On Rubbish Removal Company

1300Rubbish take the stress and hassle out of rubbish removal for you.
Our teams are experienced in providing a fast, friendly and reliable service at an affordable price throughout Australia.

With more than 25 years experience, we understand the rules and regulations that surround many types of waste. We ensure that your rubbish, recyclables or waste materials, are disposed of correctly.

1300Rubbish takes pride in our service. We strive to be professional, friendly and punctual. With our experience and dedication to jobs both big and small, our service is hard to beat.


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Full-Service Solution

Rubbish Removal Service - 2 men and truck

One or Two Man Teams

We provide a tailored solution to your rubbish problem. Using efficiency made possible through innovation and technology we offer prices that are hard to beat.

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Rubbish Removal and Sweeping up

We Do All the Loading For You

You don’t have to lift a finger – we pick up the rubbish where it lies. Once we’ve loaded your rubbish onto the truck, we do a thorough sweep-up.

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Map of Australia 1300 Rubbish

We’ve Got You Covered

We service Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Wollongong and Geelong. To find out if we service your suburb click on the read more button below.

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