Dear 1300Rubbish,

We had done a Spring clean (in Autumn of course) and had big pile of stuff we had been meaning to get rid of for months. It included a big couch, an old bar fridge, big speakers and a bunch of bags filled with old broken toys. It had sat on our back veranda for weeks looking terrible and my wife’s dad offered to help get rid of it. I was dreading the thought of lugging all the junk, loading it, going to the tip and unloading it and all the messing about involved – it was going to end up taking me hours.

We had my sons 7th birthday organised for Sunday, and it was Thursday afternoon and my wife was really not happy about all those guests walking past a great pile of trash in our back yard. I now needed to get rid of it fast.

I contacted 1300Rubbish and arranged a pick-up, they called me 30 min before the pickup and were on time, efficient and very nice to deal with. They even swept up the area the junk had been – fantastic.

I worked out with the time it would have taken me lugging the rubbish, arranging a vehicle that could take that volume of rubbish, then tip fees and the transport time and petrol it would have ended up costing me more to do it myself!!

I can’t recommend you enough and thanks very much for getting it sorted so quick.