Hoarding can get in the way of a healthy, happy life. Let us help get your living space organised and decluttered – without the backbreaking work. The results of collecting and hoarding items over a number of years can seem impossible to clean, and for many people it really is. The sheer volume of items and the work involved seems overwhelming and makes starting to make change seem like climbing Everest – but it does not have to be like that.

Professional Hoarding Help

A 1300 Rubbish consultant can take the hard work out of getting your house organised and clean. 1300 Rubbish has a proven system that can help getting back on track and organised – not only with help organising, but supplying the muscle to rid you of the clutter once decisions have been made.

How Hoarding Help and Rubbish Removal Works

Your 1300 Rubbish expert organiser will take photos and notes in the initial consultation and spend time with you working out the details. The organiser will begin to make a detailed report to present to you to discuss. This may include a rough sketch of what your new space is going to look like when it is done. Along with that, the organiser will give you a rough estimate on what it will cost to achieve the desired result.

We will work on a hoarding help plan together

If you find some details not to your liking, you may discuss this with the organiser so that changes can be made until you are satisfied. 1300 Rubbish has a variety of tools and information that make taking steps to change easier – we regularly help people with their hoarding issues so we know just what needs to be done.

Hoarding help – making sure unneeded items go to the right place

A consultant can assist in making decisions and helping with classifying items and areas with stickers to streamline the process. Items of value you no longer need can be donated, auctioned on eBay or sold at a garage sale and the rubbish and junk removed and recycled where possible.

Take the first step and call us.

1300 Rubbish can help make the process much easier, and very few people these days have the time (or expertise) to do the job right. Working with a third party like us takes a lot of the emotion out of the exercise and we can work together to improve your situation greatly – just call 1300 78 22 47 or fill in the online form to get started.

Professional Hoarder Help is now available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & Gold Coast – Call 1300 78 22 47