The Best Backyard Clean Up Tips

Summer is upon us, which means the time of Christmas parties, barbecues and backyard viewing of The Ashes is coming in hot! But if you’re thinking of throwing a shindig, the first thing you need to be thinking of is making your house and backyard presentable. Noone wants to throw (or attend) a barbecue in a filthy house or yard. An important element of relaxation is the space in which you are in, so if your backyard is home to unwanted furniture, overgrown with plants, grass and weed, and has a cluttered, uncomfortable feel, then it's time for a yard clean! Plan Your Starting Position Cleaning your backyard sounds simple, but it can be a little overwhelming in practice as there can be a lot to do. Backyards are big places, filled with trees,  bushes and plants, outdoor furniture that you haven't got around to upgrading,

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The Benefits Of Recycling Scrap Metal

When we think of recycling, we often think of organic material such as food scraps, peelings and household flora. But what about metal? Scrap metal encompasses any unused pieces of metal, which can usually be found on defunct household appliances and items such as refrigerators, dryers, washing machines and pipes. Once the appliance no longer serves its purpose, it can be stripped of its metal parts which can be sold. Metal can be recycled continuously without changing its properties, which means common metals like copper, aluminum, iron, brass and stainless steel are always valuable, and will always remain valuable. But unfortunately, many people do not take advantage of the value of their scrap metal, either because they don’t know that their broken washing machine can be worth anything, or simply because they are too lazy to remove the parts and transport them to scrap metal yards. 1300 Rubbish are experts

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What Are White Goods And How To Get Rid Of Them

Our houses and workplaces are filled to the brim with white goods. But what are they? White goods are large electrical appliances which are used around the house, such as refrigerators or washing machines. Installing some of these major appliances can be a huge hassle and can be even more troublesome to remove and get rid of once they've passed their use by date. It can be hard to know whether specific white goods are recyclable or not, and if they aren't, where they can go in an environmentally friendly manner. It might be a good idea to ask a professional rubbish removal specialist like 1300 Rubbish for help in getting rid of your household items responsibly. What Are White Goods? The umbrella term “white goods” refers to the traditional design of household appliances which were typically finished in an enamel coat of white. Despite the

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How Often Should You Replace A Mattress?

Getting enough sleep is integral to our emotional and physical wellbeing. Without a good night's sleep, our bodies are not able to rejuvenate and our ability to think and function properly is impaired. That's why it's important to invest in a high quality mattress, and replace it as soon as it starts causing any problems. A good mattress can help improve your sleep quality by reducing any aches and pains and relieving stress, allowing you to sleep easily through the night. Generally speaking, you should replace your mattress every 6-8 years, but you'll need to replace it sooner if it starts negatively impacting your sleep or your quality of life. If you need a mattress removed, 1300Rubbish can make the process quick and easy for you. You can leave the mattress where it is - our team will pick it up and carry it out for you. Organising a rubbish

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6 Ways To Make Your Construction Job Easier

You might feel like the easiest way to speed up a construction job is to simply work harder or faster, but that is not always the most efficient solution. Not only can ramping up the speed of a project lead to skimping on safety, but the more you demand from your employees and contractors the less likely it is that they'll be able to produce their best work. It's more important to implement specific procedures and processes that benefit the long term productivity of your workers and continued effectiveness of tools and equipment. These changes are more likely to improve construction efficiency while maintaining a high standard of quality. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to the progress of various construction jobs across Australia, so it might be a good time to reevaluate the procedures that you currently have in place and see where you

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How To Get Rid Of Concrete

Concrete makes up a large percentage of construction waste each year, and it can be hard to know how to get rid of it or whether or not you should try to recycle it. If you've got clean concrete waste, you should absolutely recycle it, but it can be time consuming to sort through concrete waste and determine how much of it is clean. If your concrete can't be recycled, there are a few different waste disposal options, so you should choose the one that best suits you. If you are having trouble deciding what to do with your concrete, it may be a good idea to ask a professional concrete removal specialist like 1300Rubbish for guidance about your concrete disposal options. It can also be difficult to remove concrete waste yourself, so hiring an experienced team could make the process much easier. Types of Concrete

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The Benefits of Construction Waste Removal

There are some major benefits to implementing effective waste management, however, it can be difficult to know where to start. Organising multiple bins to segregate specific building materials and waste can be a real hassle on a construction site when project deadlines are just around the corner. Ensuring that you have a waste management plan and possibly using a construction waste disposal or removal service can greatly assist in the cleanliness, productivity and safety of your workplace. It is especially important to contact a construction waste removal service, for removing specific materials, lifting heavy materials and to maintain the productivity of construction. What Is Construction Waste? Construction waste is a collection of unwanted waste materials that is created from construction, demolition, fit-out or renovation sites. This type of waste is inevitable and usually includes a range of bulky and dangerous construction materials

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What Is Green Waste?

Green waste is a type of biodegradable waste that you can find in your garden and backyard. Between 2018-2019, Australian households contributed to 70% of our total green waste, with a large portion ending up in landfill. Luckily, green waste can be helpful to the environment when properly recycled. However, if you mismanage your green waste, it can end up in landfill, which is highly toxic. Common Green Waste in Australia Green waste is an umbrella term that you can apply to any of the following materials: Garden waste Food waste Organic waste Grass clippings Lawn clippings Shrub or hedge cuttings Woodchips Bark Weeds Tree branches Tree stumps Why Garden Waste is Harmful to the Environment Incorrect disposal of your green waste is likely to head to a landfill. Green waste takes up valuable space that we could use for non-recyclable rubbish. In addition, when

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Returning To The Office After Covid

As returning to work becomes a reality for many states across Australia, a number of new considerations become relevant as we prepare to leave our home offices. However, it may not be quite as simple as opening the doors and putting out a welcome mat. This transition period presents unique challenges that could have lasting effects for employees and businesses. Each state also has a set of COVID Safe business regulations that may interfere with your typical ways of working. Certain protocols will need to be put into place in order to comply with these regulations and keep your employees safe. Before you start your first day back, it might be a good idea to do an office clean out, to ensure that resources and equipment are all up to date for everyone who does want to come back. 1300Rubbish provides fast and efficient office rubbish removal services in Melbourne

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What Is Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal essentially refers to any unused pieces of metal. Metals that are often sold as scrap metals include copper, aluminium, iron, brass, platinum, bronze and stainless steel. Scrap metal can come from almost any source, including household items. Items that contain large amounts of metal include refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, roofing, stoves and old plumbing. Old cars can also be taken apart and sold as scrap metal recycling if it is no longer profitable to sell them second hand. Scrap metal can be exceptionally difficult to remove and dispose of yourself. Not only is it often sharp and/or heavy (increasing the likelihood of an accident), it also requires a great deal of time and effort to remove. 1300Rubbish offers a scrap metal pick up service that will take the trouble off your hands. Rather than putting yourself at risk by trying to do it all yourself, allowing an experienced

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How To Get Furniture Marks Out Of Carpet

Rearranging furniture, renovating a room or freshening up your at home work space can turn the layout of your current interior designs from drab to fab in seconds. However, sometimes your furniture can leave semi-permanent reminders in the form of dents in your carpet. These annoying little indentations, known as divots, often occur when furniture compresses the fibers of your carpet over a long period of time. The worst part is that you'll never know that they're there until you decide to live your interior design fantasy and rearrange the room. Pesky indentations, marks or discolouration are always going to be a bothersome and tedious task to remove or fix. Fortunately, you can solve these carpet problems by using reliable quick tips to remove them. If that doesn't work consider getting your carpet removed with 1300 Rubbish. Cleaning Your Carpet Giving your carpet a

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How To Declutter Your House

Clutter is one of the most common features of a modern household. With minimalism and Marie Kondo’s method on the rise, to declutter your home is to declutter your life. Because of this, we've got the best decluttering tips to improve your home. What Is Clutter? Clutter is generally seen as unwanted and unused items that collect somewhere in an organized or unordered way. Junk is often found in someone's house, backyard or garage and can contain household items like furniture, bikes, books and more. When Does Clutter Become A Problem? Mess can create a variety of problems both to your mental and psychical health. With so many people working from home these days, it is important to avoid and remove household clutter when it: Inhibits Daily Activities: Tripping over junk or letting green waste take up precious room in the backyard can have

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What To Do With Unwanted Furniture

Unwanted furniture and household items can sometimes be extremely difficult to remove from your home, especially if it's broken or pre-loved. However, there are several ways to get rid of this junk for good. From donating to charity stores to hiring a furniture removal service, we break down the best ways to deal with unwanted furniture. Donate, Reuse Or Sell Your Unwanted Furniture Furniture Donations Donating furniture is one of the best ways to get rid of any old chairs and lounges. These furniture donations are often then bought by students and the profits are provided to charity, making this a creative way to support the community. Op shops like the Salvation Army, Vinnies and Lifeline will often take furniture that is still in good condition. The majority of these charities will also come to pick up your furniture if it meets their guidelines. Although

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6 Tips To Effectively Manage Your Commercial Waste

As our access to cheap and consumable products in the business world is ever-expanding, so too is the amount of commercial rubbish we must manage every year. Due to the number of different materials and processes that this can involve, we've compiled 6 tips for you to effectively manage your commercial waste. How to effectively manage your commercial waste: Create A Waste Management Team Track And Address Your Business Through A Waste Management Program Address Your Budget and Commercial Waste Removal Costs Reduce, Reuse And Recycle In House Use Waste And Recycling Services Encourage Your Team To Get Involved What Is Commercial Waste? Commercial waste is waste produced by businesses and trades, usually from activities such as renovations and re-fittings. Ranging from furniture, office supplies to storage cabinets and appliances, commercial waste is apparent in nearly all businesses. Personal removal of commercial rubbish is

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What Can You Recycle On A Construction Site?

In 2019 the construction and demolition (C&D) sector contributed to 27 million tonnes of waste, accounting for 44% of Australia’s total trash. Currently, 75% of C&D waste is recycled, and the NSW government is pushing to reach 80% by the end of 2021. With the increasing awareness and push for recycling, the construction industry is switching to green approaches when disposing of their waste on construction sites. The move to recycling waste offers you the chance to save money and be a part of the movement to create more sustainable construction methods. What Should You Do With Construction Waste? There are three ways that you can manage waste generated on a construction project, these are: Recycle: turning old waste materials into raw supplies for new use. Reuse: lengthening the life of material through continued use. Disposal: collecting and categorising waste which is then transported to appropriate

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How To Make Your Household Rubbish Free

If you want your home to be clean and tidy all year long and to keep your space rubbish free, you need to consider the 5 Rs of rubbish removal. These stand for Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot, and they are very important to remember if you want to live a waste-free life. And although it can be hard to live by the 5 Rs all the time, you will notice a big difference in the amount of junk that you have around your home if you start to implement them. Refuse If you want to get rid of the rubbish around your house and live free of junk, you need to refuse rubbish where you can. By this we mean looking at how you generate rubbish through the things that you buy and looking at ways to reduce the amount of waste that

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National Recycling Week

Now in its 24th year, National Recycling Week is set to take place from the 11th to the 17th of November. The week is an opportunity for us as individuals, businesses, communities, a country and the Earth as a whole, to consider how we can become more effective with recycling our waste and rubbish. Hosted by Planet Ark, National Recycling Week 2019 aims to educate communities on recycling and effective waste management. Rubbish Recycling from your rubbish pick up According to recent research, 91% of Australian households have access to kerbside recycling of municipal waste, and 98% of us participated in some form of recycling. With 90% of Australians agreeing that recycling is the right thing to do, National Recycling Week is the perfect time to encourage recycling of both household waste and larger, bulkier items such as mattresses, couches and other large furniture. Rubbish

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How are Businesses minimising their environmental impact?

1300 Rubbish has long been dedicated to responsible waste management. As a rubbish removal company, we see fist hand the impact that poorly managed waste and incorrect recycling can have on the environment. Today, being environmentally conscious, on both an individual and company level is more important than ever. According to the National Waste Report 2018, In 2016-17 Australia generated an estimated 67 million tonnes (Mt) of waste including 17.1 Mt of masonry materials, 14.2 Mt of organics, 12.3 Mt of ash, 6.3 Mt of hazardous waste (mainly contaminated soil), 5.6 Mt of paper and cardboard and 5.5 Mt of metals. This is equivalent to 2.7 tonnes (t) per capita. The waste we generate has a direct impact on our surrounding environments, waterways and oceans. These six companies are taking steps to limit their environmental impact. We asked them about the challenges they face and how they

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The Consequences of Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is a major and unfortunately common problem in many parts around the country. Rubbish, waste and discarded items pose problems for humans, wildlife and the environment alike. Illegally dumped waste can have a negative impact on the appearance of nature and urban areas but more importantly reduce the quality of life and cause dangers associated with hazardous waste.   The New South Wales government has an Illegal Dumping Strategy which is backed by continued funding of $65 million. While this funding aims to support a range of solutions to illegal dumping in partnership with councils, industry and the community, it’s important that we, as individuals know how to deal with our waste and keep our community clean.   So, what is illegal dumping?   We all understand the impacts that illegal dumping can have on the world around us but what constitutes illegal dumping?   The NSW

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5 Tips for Recycling Your Construction Waste

When it comes to dealing with construction waste, there are more than just ethics telling you that it’s time to recycle. There is also a whole suite of rules, regulations and compliance laws that you must be following, all of which typically require you to recycle. If you’re a site manager, construction business owner or just about anyone else dealing with construction waste, there are a few things you should know. The first is that not everything can be recycled in its entirety, so there are deconstruction processes you’ll need to undertake. The second is that depending on your location there may be a host of other requirements you need to meet. For those who would like some tips, tricks and ideas for recycling your construction waste, take a look below. The process might not be as tricky as you’d have thought. Be Smart About Demolitions To start, it’s always

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