Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1300 RUBBISH?

1300 RUBBISH is an Australian-owned rubbish removal system. Our system allows fast, easy allocation of rubbish removal jobs to our drivers. Because we’re able to spread our admin costs over a large number of drivers, we can offer you a great service at a reasonable price. And because we have many trucks on the road, we can normally arrive when you want, where you want.

How do I contact 1300 RUBBISH?

You can either use our online booking form, see our contact page for other options, or call “1300 RUBBISH” (1300 78 22 47).
1300 RUBBISH is a “phone word”.
It corresponds to the numbers 1300 78 22 47 on your phone keypad.

What kind of rubbish can you remove?

We can remove any kind of non-hazardous rubbish. For example:
• Garden Rubbish – leaves, branches, tree limbs and trunks
• Furniture
• Household effects
• Appliances
• Building materials – timber, masonry etc.
• Almost anything you like!
• We can even pull a fence down or pull up carpet.
However, we aren’t licensed to remove asbestos or other hazardous waste. For information on how to get rid of hazardous waste please contact us.

Are you a licensed operator?

As a remover of non-hazardous waste, we are not required to be licenced by government authorities such as the EPA (Environment Protection Authority). However, we follow all EPA rules and regulations anyway.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept all major credit cards, cheque and cash.

What do you do with the rubbish you collect?

Wherever possible, we recycle rubbish at recycling depots. We dispose of other non-recyclable rubbish at designated tips in the local area.

Do you offer accounts?

Yes, we do offer accounts to approved business customers. Please contact us for an account application.

Why would I get you to remove my rubbish if I can get a skip or bin instead?

With 1300 RUBBISH, we do the loading for you – you don’t have to lift a finger. We arrive at a time to suit you and do the job right then and there (no bin sitting in your yard for days).
And you only pay for the volume of rubbish we take away. With a bin or skip, you pay for the whole bin whether you fill it or not.
However, for some jobs, a bin might be better suited to your needs. If you require a bin, we can recommend affiliated bin companies that will be able to help you. Contact us for more info.

Can you give me a exact quote over the phone or by email?

When you contact us, we’ll ask you some questions about the rubbish you need removed. Based on that information, we can give you a price estimate. When we’re onsite, our drivers will assess the exact volume and type of rubbish and give you a exact price for your approval before any loading begins. But until we see the exact type and volume of rubbish to be removed, we can’t give you an exact quote.

Do I have to be onsite for you to remove rubbish?

No, not necessarily, providing that our driver can get access to your rubbish. When we arrive onsite, we’ll give you a quick call to confirm the price with you, then begin work.

Why are appointments booked in two-hour time slots?

We can’t always control the exact time that we arrive (for example, if traffic is heavy or a job takes longer than expected), so we book appointments in two-hour time slots.

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    Staff have been so very friendly, efficient and professional. Would recommend them to those who may need this service.
    Absolutely 💯 excellent service very professional. Highly recommended.
    Response from the owner: Dear Carol,Thank you very much for taking the time out to share your experience with 1300Rubbish. Warm regards,Camila.
    The guys were great: fast, helpful and and polite. They even collected an old hot water tank that had been sitting out in the backyard for years - it was so good to see the back of all that stuff that had been taking up space. Thanks!
    Decent price, came when they said they would. Polite and friendly. Did their job and left.
    Response from the owner: Thank you for the 5 star review Susan, very appreciated!Warm regards,1300Rubbish.
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