How much is Rubbish RemovalWhen it comes to working out how much rubbish removal is going to cost you there is a bit more to it than meets the eye. You will need to determine what your rubbish consists of and then the rough volume of the rubbish. This is due partly because different types of rubbish have different costs involved with removing them. For instance, green waste (tree branches, leaf litter etc) may be able to be dumped almost freely in some rubbish disposal areas whereas things like ewaste (old computers, videos, TV’s, batteries) have some rules involved in their disposal and may need to be recycled or toxic elements removed and disposed of in a certain way.

How much is Green Waste Removal?

Starting with the cheapest rubbish removal – green waste will mainly be determined on the labour involved in loading it onto the truck and getting it to the disposal location. The best way to help calculate the cost will be to imagine the green waste in 1×1 metre “cubes” and work out roughly how many of these “cubes” you will have. This is because the truck that will pick up the green waste will need to be able to accommodate the green waste in one trip – otherwise more trips or trucks are involved which raises the costs involved with the job.

How much is general light rubbish removal?

Once again the use of “cubes” 1×1 metre to estimate the volume is useful here. A 3 seater couch is probably going to be around 2 cubes and a pile of old toys perhaps one. Also take into consideration the amount of time its going to take to load the rubbish, if you have small piles spread all over the place and other small items to pick up it will take longer to load. Generally you will get the first 15 minutes included in the intial estimate so think about combining or locating the rubbish in an easy to load spot if the extra cost is a major concern. For Sydney specific pickups – visit Rubbish Removal Sydney.

How much is ewaste removal?

Ewaste (especially computers) may require some specialist recycling as they are broken down into parts and hard drives shredded to make data theft impossible. While some precious metals can be recycled and make the recycling more economical, generally the cost of doing the recycling process properly (rather than shipping it all to Africa where they burn it in massive wastelands) will outweigh the cost of the metals extracted. The disposal of ewaste is one of those things that being environmentally conscious has a cost involved until the disposal cost is factored into the manufacture of these items in a unified way around the globe.

How do I get a quote on rubbish removal?

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