Rearranging furniture, renovating a room or freshening up your at home work space can turn the layout of your current interior designs from drab to fab in seconds. However, sometimes your furniture can leave semi-permanent reminders in the form of dents in your carpet.

These annoying little indentations, known as divots, often occur when furniture compresses the fibers of your carpet over a long period of time. The worst part is that you’ll never know that they’re there until you decide to live your interior design fantasy and rearrange the room.

Pesky indentations, marks or discolouration are always going to be a bothersome and tedious task to remove or fix. Fortunately, you can solve these carpet problems by using reliable quick tips to remove them. If that doesn’t work consider getting your carpet removed with 1300 Rubbish.

How To Get Furniture Marks Out Of Carpet

Cleaning Your Carpet

Giving your carpet a deep and thorough clean is the best way to remove stubborn stains and marks. If your carpet could talk it would probably beg you for a good wash! It is simple to return your neglected carpet to its former glory without having to use a professional carpet cleaner to do the work for you.

Vacuuming Your Carpet

Before touching your carpet with house cleaning chemicals and at home remedies, it’s time to return back to basics with your trusty, dusty vacuum cleaner. Not only will this remove the dust, dirt and other particles on your carpet but will prime your carpet for the next steps if need be.

Make sure you take your time to cover all the carpeted areas and empty your vacuum cleaner regularly to maximise its sucking power and efficiency!

Cleaning Your Carpet With At Home Solutions

Once you’ve completed your quest in removing all the small particles and debris from your carpet, it’s time to try out cleaning solutions that you can find in your home.

An old recipe for success involves a mix of a spoonful of detergent or liquid dishwashing soap with lukewarm water. This works best to spot clean areas where major attention is needed like wine stains or hard to clean grime. Another great carpet cleanser is good old vinegar with its strong acidic content that is tough on stains!

Of course, make sure that your carpet won’t react badly with these forms of cleaning as dye may spread or could end up damaging more fragile fibers. Before soaking your carpet in vinegar, make sure you patch test!

How To Use Cleaning Products For Your Carpet

If your home remedies don’t seem to be making a dent in your carpet cleaning, it’s time to resort to commercial carpet cleaning products.

The main concern here is finding a product that isn’t harmful to you or carpet. Strong chemicals can damage your carpet while other dyes and materials are sensitive and require gentler products. It is definitely important to do your research when trying to clean your carpet like a professional!

Drying Your Carpet

It may come as a surprise but the most important aspect of cleaning your carpet is the last part, drying it!  A wet carpet attracts dirt and bacteria so try it to ensure you air it out and avoid walking through there for as long as possible. Giving it a quick air dry may help.

Removing Indentations From Your Carpet

There are many quick tips and tricks to get rid of pesky carpet indentations and we’ve listed our favourite below!

Using A Vacuum Or Hairdryer To Remove Carpet Dents

It may come without saying but using a vacuum cleaner to help bring indented areas of your carpet back to life should be your first step in trying to remove carpet dents.

You should begin by loosening fibers with your fingers then attaching a hose nozzle to your vacuum, applying a strong suction to both the indented area of carpet, and the carpet around it. This tip is usually for less stubborn indentations and if it doesn’t work you may have to try something else.

Remove Your Carpet Indentations with a Hairdryer

Another quick tip is using a hair blow dryer and a spray bottle full of water.

First, spray your carpet dent with enough water to saturate it and surrounding areas, then blow onto the surface with a hairdryer at its hottest setting to dry it. When doing this, hold the hairdryer far enough away to avoid burning it.

A hair dryer is used here in the same way you would use it for your hair, to remove flat areas and to bring back volume. Remember as you dry your carpet you should use your fingers to fluff it up.

Fill Carpet Dents With Ice Cubes

You might be thinking that this “budget” method is a complete waste of time but it has been proven to be a great method for removing carpet dents. All you need are ice cubes (depending on the dent you are trying to fill), a towel, a sponge and a coin!
Place as many ice cubes as you need on the area you’re trying to remove the indents and let the ice melt in the dented area. During this, the carpet will slowly soak up the water from the ice cube and begin to rise (you can use a damp towel, sponge or clean cloth to blot away extra water when it is slightly damp), then gently lift the indented carpet with a coin.
Try out the method first on a dent that’s in an inconspicuous area to test the carpet in case you are worried about damaging it or the floor underneath.

Preventing Carpet Dents

Another way to get rid of carpet indentation is to prevent them all together!

A great way to prevent furniture dents is to move your furniture regularly. Heavy furniture compresses carpet fibers over time. By moving furniture every one or two months, furniture won’t sit in the same position long enough to compress the fibers. This method works best with smaller pieces of furniture.

Cups or gliders for your furniture are also a great tool to place under the feet of your furniture. These small cups spread out the weight of furniture more evenly so that it isn’t just compressing a few fibers and should prevent carpet denting. Gliders also tend to have sticky backs that attach to the feet to help furniture slide without causing scrapes.

Removing Your Carpet

After trying everything and anything to revive your carpet, it may just be too much hassle for little to no reward. At this point, employing a carpet removal service like 1300 Rubbish should be your option if your carpet is beyond saving. 1300 Rubbish has great furniture and carpet removal services that can be found, here.