The Cheap Rubbish Removal can be the best

Everyone knows that having lots of rubbish around your home does not make for a comfortable and friendly living environment.

It’s not good for your health, and it creates a breeding environment for vermin and aesthetically, it can be quite depressing.

I just want to let you know that, employing the services of a rubbish removal company is probably a lot cheaper than you may think.

While some rubbish removal companies provide skip bins and will take you junk away for you we at 1300rubish removal go the extra mile and not only provide a hassle free rubbish removal service to households, manufacturers, commercial properties, and builders but our turnaround times are fast and as well as cost effective.

How it works is, after you have placed your order we will stop by your home or where ever the location of the rubbish is, load, clean-up and leave, all without you ever needing to lift a finger.

When the cheaper rubbish removal is actually better

This means, no ugly skip bin, and the best part for you is you don’t even have to load your junk.

We offer very affordable and cheap rubbish removal packages to suite most budgets, and if you want to even further reduce your costs, try recycling as much of your junk as you can before we come around.

A great way to recycle is have a garage sale, and if your not too concerned about the extra money you could make and all you want to do is get rid of your “Junk” then just give it away. you could call it a Garage Givaway.

That way you don’t need to pay for addititional removal costs, the people who come to your garage givaway take the junk away for you and you dont have the hassel of loading any rubbish or junk.

You can then give us a call and we will come around, pick up whats left and clean up leaving your home or office junk free and tidy.

Every one wins. Remember the old saying that one mane junk is another mans treasure.

Cheap – and good for the environment

And dont forget by recycling its helping to save the environment. and you are helping to slow landfill levels to keep the environment clean for both our generation and for your kids to follow!

1300 Rubbish removal provides an eco-friendly, reliable and honest Rubbish Removal service that you can rely on.Call us today.