Christmas is just a few short weeks away. For many of us, this means the panic of last minute shopping and cleaning is about to set in. While it can be a stressful period, the festive season is meant to be full of joy and celebrations. Follow this list of things to do in the lead up to Christmas so you can enjoy the day once it arrives.

Prepare for Guests

Whether you’re hosting the big day, or are expecting visitors through the holidays, it’s important that your prepare your home for your guests. To begin with, decorating your home with Christmas items is simple and easy but an effective way to get you, your family and any visitors into the spirit.

If you have friends or family that are planning to stay at your house, then obviously you should sort out the guest room. Depending on your home, this job could be a quick tidy up, or the room might need some major updates. If you have room in the budget, you can consider decking the room out with festive bedding and other decorations. If not, ensure the room is comfortable and welcoming and your guest it sure to have a great stay.

Have a pre-Christmas clear out.

Before you’re inundated with new gifts it can be wise to clear out any old or unused things throughout your house. The extent you go to will depend on how much clutter has built up throughout the year. For the neat freaks among us, you may have nothing to do but a simple clean, however for many of us, the end of year clean out can be overwhelming.

You can approach your clean out in a number of ways from simply throwing out your unwanted items, gifting them to charity or hosting a garage sale. A garage sale gives you the opportunity to make some extra cash which can then be put towards your Christmas budget.

For a lot of people, a lot of the things that build u have no real value or use and simply end up taking up valuable room in the storage closet. For people with a lot of clutter, it can be best to hire professional rubbish removalists like 1300Rubbish. Such professionals will ensure everything is cleared out properly and thrown out or recycled safely.

Plan Early

The key to Christmas success is early planning. The earlier you start planning, the easier it will be to get organised. Consider if you’re hosting Christmas day or travelling for the holidays and think about what’s involved. It’s also important to think about your family and what’s realistically going to be achieved. If you have young children, perhaps travelling isn’t an option.

If you’re hosting start to organise what you’re going to need, from decorations to food supplies.

Make a Budget

Once you have cleaned out your home and have organised what you need, it’s time to make a budget to follow over the holidays. Budgeting for Christmas is an important step that a lot of people don’t think about during the holidays.

Again, your budget will look different depending on what your plans are. If you’re travelling, you will obviously run into more costs for things like airfares and accommodation. If you’re staying at home or hosting, you will need to budget for food and gifts, which often needs to be quite large, especially if you have a big family.

Do your Christmas shopping online!

Christmas is just around the corner but there’s still just enough time to get your shopping done online. Shopping online can be a huge time and effort saver and can still be done in secret even while the kids are around!

A helpful idea is to create wish lists for your children on sites like Amazon and send them to relatives. This saves grandparents, aunts and cousins the stress of trying to find a suitable gift, while ensuring your child gets something you know they need or want.


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