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There can be many significant changes made to the way we recycle. This is no different in the construction industry. You need to make an improved effort to make better use of debris or building materials. Construction waste will always occur in the form of cardboard, plastic, excess building materials and more.

Many things on a Building site are eligible to get recycled depending on your location. Excess recyclable materials should always be taken into consideration as they can offer a lot. Masonry can be reused on your new construction, and it can be crushed for road bases. Windows, doors and roofing can be used again if they’re in a decent condition or restored. Sinks, baths and fittings can be refitted. Lumber and wood products can be reused or repurposed. Wood can also be turned into mulch or biomass fuel. Metals can be delivered and purchased off you for reasonable money. The company will then melt it and reuse it.

Some material can be hazardous if they are not dealt with appropriately. For example, led that comes into contact with water will make the water toxic.


Recycling Building waste is not only a way of helping the planet, but it can also be an opportunity to increase profitability or give better prices to your customers. When you buy fewer new materials, recycling without the hassle of transport, or sell things at market value, you can save lots of money.

Deconstruction Instead of Demolition

Yes, you can get in a demolition company and rip the place apart. However, you can also go for the smarter option of deconstruction. Going down the road of deconstruction will have a range of benefits. Firstly, there can be tax advantages to the customer who is paying for the overall project. There is also the opportunity to sell the items you have kept. Radiators, grates, piping, appliances, fittings and other items can be sold. You can even reuse things and save a bit of money.

Locate Your Local Recycling Centre

Always find a local recycling centre! If you’re driving all over town looking for a place to dump your rubbish you will waste time, effort and money. Look for a more convenient solution. If you find a good spot to take the garbage, see what they will take and when they will take it. Making regular small trips will minimise the task at hand and the overall impact. When you need new materials, take a load of rubbish with you on the way. If you can’t handle the amount of debris, call in rubbish removal experts like 1300RUBBISH.

Incorporate it Into the New Building

The best way to recycle your construction waste is to reuse it wherever you can. Integrating it back into the building or the new building site is easier than you think. For example, walls don’t always need to be demolished; they can be moved or reconfigured. Always try to remodel when you can. Wooden frames can be repurposed, or timber cut-offs can be used as spacers.

Standard Dimensions

Building projects can offer the chance to use building materials in standard measurements. The less you have to alter or make new cuts, the less wastage you will incur. You also save a lot of time and effort. For example, plan to use framing layouts designed to standard lengths. Standard lengths and dimensions will make it easier to use all the material you have left over.

Recycling Building waste is essential, both beneficial for your business and the environment. Remember, customers want a green alternative today, recycling could be the reason your company is picked over a competitor.



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