In their 2007 report of Construction and the Environment, the Australian Bureau of Statistics states that, on average, one tonne of solid waste per person per year is sent to landfill. Construction and demolition companies contribute to about 30 – 40 % of this – that’s about 8 million tonnes nationwide. The worse offenders are in Inner Sydney where 60% of waste sent to landfill is the result of construction and demolition businesses.

At 1300Rubbish, we can help reduce the amount sent to landfill with our new Gyprock Recycling Service.

When 95% of the Australian public are recycling their general household waste such as cardboard, paper and plastics, it’s about time large commercial companies began taking responsibility for recycling at least some of the waste that they accrue. 20,000 tonnes of gypsum board waste is put into landfill in Sydney alone and, when you consider that Gyprock is 100% recyclable, this is 20,000 tonnes too much.

Globally, 80 million tonnes of plasterboard or drywall is produced every year resulting in 15 million tonnes of easily recycled waste taking up valuable landfill space all around the world. 94% of gypsum board can be broken down into gypsum powder which is then send back to manufacturers to create more material and 6% of the recycled gyprock is paper, which can be used in various industries. With such a simple recycling process, there really is no excuse for businesses to continue sending such waste to landfill.

What is wrong with sending Gyprock to landfill?

Our overuse of landfill facilities is something which will haunt future generations and, whilst environmental activists have been campaigning for decades, it’s only been in the last decade that governments appear to have realised its impact. Not only does it contaminate land that could be used for other purposes, but it allows hazardous chemicals to seep into the atmosphere. By sending goods to landfill without careful consideration, we are also wasting natural, non-renewable resources that could be recycled. Gyprock can safely be 100% recycled, but when sent to landfill it produces hydrogen sulphide – a poisonous, flammable gas that can easily be avoided.

1300Rubbish can now help you recycle your gyprock and plasterboard.

By recycling Gyprock we can help the gypsum industry recover their high quality materials whilst keeping prices low. With governments and councils constantly increasing tipping fees, recycling has actually become a cheaper way to dispose of your gyprock, as well as promoting your company as being environmentally friendly.

At 1300 Rubbish, we try and recycle all rubbish we collect where possible, but recycling your gyprock couldn’t be easier. We will come and collect your gyprock and transport it directly to a recycling centre where we guarantee that it will be 100% recycled. For more information, you can contact our friendly customer service team on 1300 78 22 47; they will be happy to answer any questions you might have and provide you with an obligation free quote.