Getting rid of a car can be a difficult task, especially when it is your first time moving on from a vehicle. Whether you are buying a new car or saying goodbye to driving for good, there are many things to consider when getting rid of a car.
One key consideration is sustainable disposal, and here are five ways you can get rid of a car sustainably.

How To Get Rid Of A Car Sustainably

Sell It For Parts

Reduce, reuse, recycle! If your vehicle becomes unusable it might be a good idea to sell the parts that still work to get a bit of extra cash! While your car may be out for the count, chances are there are others out there with broken parts that you can supply.

Selling your car for parts is a great option when the value of the viable parts are worth more than the actual vehicle itself.

There are many options out there, but the easiest would be selling your car as a whole to a buyer for parts, rather than selling individual parts to various buyers. While this is not always an option, it should be the first course of action to investigate for convenience sake.

Especially if your vehicle is a high-range car, your likelihood of selling it as a whole for parts will be more beneficial not only for you getting the extra cash, but also for the buyer having complimentary parts in the one place!

If you are able to salvage parts from your car yourself, here are some ideas for materials you can take apart and recycle:

  • Batteries
  • Fluids
  • Fuses
  • Fuel
  • Hoses
  • Plastic Seat Covers
  • Scrap Metal
  • Wheels/Rims
  • Windshield Wipers

These parts can be difficult or dangerous to salvage if you are not adequately equipped to do so. In particular, car batteries are important to dispose of sustainably due to their properties.

Selling Your Car Privately

Selling your car privately is a good option if you do not want to deal with car dealerships. You are in control of when you sell and how you sell, and you get all of the profits too! Private sale is a good option especially when you can provide a good price and a fast sale, giving you more money potentially faster than if you went through an auto dealership.

There are so many popular ways to sell your car privately, most of which are online now. Sites like Gumtree, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace are great to advertise and facilitate the sale of your vehicle. The best way to sell online is to investigate where other similar vehicles are being sold, and offer a competitive entrance into the online second hand market.

Or, you can always go the old fashioned route and park your car out somewhere on the side of the road, so long as it is permitted!

Donate Your Unwanted Car To Charity

Another sustainable way to dispose of your car is by donating it to a charity. Many charities will accept cars as donations and use them for transportation, fundraising or other needs.

If the car is still in good condition and you don’t feel like selling it for parts, donating it to a charity or non-profit organisation might be a better option. Not only will you be getting rid of the car, but you’ll also be helping out a good cause!

When you donate your car, you can feel good knowing that it’s going to be put to good use instead of sitting in a junkyard. You may also be able to receive a tax deduction for your donation.

Take Your Old Car To A Local Scrapyard

You can call a local scrapper or removals company to assist in moving your unsalvageable car out of your care. These services will usually take your car away for free, as long as it is in a reasonable condition.

If your car is beyond repair, some scrap yards will pay you for the metal content of your vehicle. If not, scrap metal can be taken care of by other services who offer pick up.

You could also sell your old car to a junkyard or recycling company. Be sure to ask around and compare prices before making a decision.

Trade In Or Trade-Back

Some car manufacturers and dealers have a take back policy of end of life vehicles. Take back policies are based on environmental practices to reduce unnecessary manufacturing and disposal emissions.

If your car is still in good condition, why not trade it in for a new one? Trading in a used car for a new one to purchase is the best option if you want a brand new car, or if the dealership offers another used car you’d like in a better condition than the one you are trading in.

A number of dealers will swap an old vehicle for a new one as part of the deal, usually with an out of pocket expense included. As the value of a brand new car is greater than an older car, the dealership will assess the value of the car you’re wanting to trade in, and deduct the value costs from the new vehicle’s price.

The Importance Of Getting Rid Of Cars Sustainably

Why is sustainable disposal important?

With sustainability at the forefront of conversations now, the need to be green increases every day. Sustainable disposal for cars is important, especially because this has not always been common practice.

“Global dumping of substandard, ‘dirty’ cars is a huge problem,” said Rob de Jong, head of the sustainable mobility unit for the United Nations Environment Program, based in Nairobi.

There are places that can help you find ways to dispose of your car sustainably and in an environmentally friendly way.

Can someone help me get rid of my unusable car?

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