There are some major benefits to implementing effective waste management, however, it can be difficult to know where to start. Organising multiple bins to segregate specific building materials and waste can be a real hassle on a construction site when project deadlines are just around the corner. Ensuring that you have a waste management plan and possibly using a construction waste disposal or removal service can greatly assist in the cleanliness, productivity and safety of your workplace.

It is especially important to contact a construction waste removal service, for removing specific materials, lifting heavy materials and to maintain the productivity of construction.

Construction Waste Removal

What Is Construction Waste?

Construction waste is a collection of unwanted waste materials that is created from construction, demolition, fit-out or renovation sites. This type of waste is inevitable and usually includes a range of bulky and dangerous construction materials that are sometimes difficult to remove without assistance.

Construction waste is not just defined as rubbish and unwanted materials that have been used on a worksite. They also include:

  • Materials that have been excavated like rocks, sand and soil
  • Damaged asphalt, bricks, concrete, plasterboard, timber and vegetation
  • Contaminated materials like asbestos or soil

These types of natural resources and chemical wastes can be difficult to dispose of safely, correctly and ethically, being a serious time waster for construction projects. Having a construction and demolition waste removal service gives construction sites the ability to dispose of, gather or recycle all sorts of debris from your construction sites.

Complying With Workplace Health And Safety

Unfortunately, the mess that comes with construction and building is extremely unpredictable and can lead to dangerous situations if not dealt with safely and effectively. Sometimes, there will be heavy or hard to move objects that can cause harm to your team if handled and disposed of incorrectly, creating major safety hazards that could breach WH&S regulations.

According to the Government of South Australia, on average, construction worker injury claims cost $20,00 per person which totals $29 million per year. The worst part is that the majority of injuries are easily avoidable and due to a lack of site awareness.

Injuries can include but are not limited to:

  • Muscular and musculoskeletal trauma
  • Slips, trips and cuts
  • Hitting or being hit by an object
  • Body strain from repetitive movements, or from lifting, pushing or pulling heavy loads


It is important to keep your workplace both safe and productive. The best way to do this is to have WH&S rules and implement waste management plans. Hiring a construction waste management service will assist in keeping your construction team safe.

Waste removal services eliminate the need for you or your staff to handle dangerous items or materials, giving you more time to work on your construction project and less time wasted on trying to clear out heavy, bulky loads of rubbish. Not only will construction waste removal services create a safer environment to work in but also a more productive one for your and your team.

Cleaning A Worksite With Ease

When you have the responsibility of keeping your team safe, a stray shard of glass, rusty nail or contaminated piece of material can cause serious harm. You may be suprised to know that cuts, slips and trips are extremely common on construction sites, especially when your site is not clear of dangerous materials. Cleaning your construction waste is another consideration that needs to be made.

Construction waste is not only a safety hazard but also clogs your worksite making it difficult to be productive and proactive when on the job. Each step in a construction process will require the use of certain materials which in turn creates a form of waste. The longer you take managing and cleaning this waste yourself, the less time you have to complete your project.

Just like managing your time for a project, managing your site and ensuring it is an effective work environment is a major consideration. A construction waste company takes this worry out of the equation by clearing debris and waste for you in no time. Time is money and if your staff are having trouble removing a piece of debris they can waste valuable time and hinder the completion of a project.

Corporate Social Responsibility To The Environment

Waste is generated in everyday activities no matter if we are on a construction site or in an office building. In this way, it is the responsibility of the businesses to ensure they limit the amount of waste generated and how much goes into landfill sites.

Something that a construction waste removalist will be able to greatly assist on is the identification of construction waste recyclables and non recyclable waste to ensure compliance with government regulations. More importantly, construction waste must be properly disposed of and managed to avoid fines and environmental liability.

Beyond this, construction waste removalists will assist in meeting internal obligations and requirements involved in internal environmental management systems or CSR policies. Ensure you pick the right service for you to ensure that your waste is disposed of ethically and appropriately for your peace of mind.

Legal & Government Regulations

There are legal and government regulations and responsibilities that ensure the protection of the environment and the proper disposal of waste in the construction industry. Of course, this applies on a state by state basis.

In NSW for example, the lawful disposal of construction waste is covered by Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. The guidelines of this act require that waste must be transported to a place where it can be lawfully accepted and both the owner of the waste and transporter are legally responsible for proving the waste was transported to said place.

Across Australian states, these regulations can be quite confusing. Employing a removalist service to dispose of your construction debris effectively will take the pressure off you and your team and leave it in the hands of professionals rather than worrying about legal and government regulations.

Hiring a construction and demolition waste removal company is one of the best ways to ensure your construction site remains safe, productive and effective when trying to complete big projects. If you do find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the cleaning and disposal process, remember that you can call us on 1300 78 22 47 to get quick and effective waste removal today!