Get rid of the junk without the hassles

It’s that time of year again when you’ve decided to give your home a thorough workover, get rid of the accumulated junk and leave your home looking fresh and new.

We all know that good property maintenance ensures that your home retains its value in a fluctuating property market and besides, doesn’t it feel darn good to get rid of such a load of rubbish?

But what to do with that huge pile of stuff that’s accumulated from your rubbish clearance? A rusty old garden setting, the kid’s play gym circa 1986, that old dresser that’s seen it’s finest days plus stacks of green waste from the pruning you finally got around to doing.

What are the Options for Rubbish Collection?

One way or another you have to get the junk to the tip, so what are your options?

You may be lucky enough to own a trailer, but how many trips is it going to take and how much is it going to cost in fuel and tip fees? Same goes for a Ute or any other vehicle you may own that is equipped to carry loads because you certainly wouldn’t want to use the family sedan, would you?

Another alternative is to hire a skip bin, but how big do you need it to be and how long is it going to be parked on your front lawn before you get around to the arduous task of hoisting all the garbage into it? Don’t forget: you pay for the skip regardless of how full you can make it plus the fees are generally calculated on a daily basis.

Call in the Professional Junk Haulers

Let’s face it: you’ve spent countless hours to get rid of all the junk in the first place, so why waste any more of your valuable leisure time making innumerable trips to the dump?
You’ve done the hard yakka so make it easy on yourself and call in the professional waste disposal team at 1300Rubbish on 1300 78 22 47.

We will assess the size of your load, supply the appropriate sized dumpster and do your rubbish clearance at a time that best suits you.

How to contact the rubbish removers

When you telephone one of our friendly customer service people at 1300Rubbish, they will explain the fee structure and give you an obligation free quote which includes all additional fees like tip costs or green waste disposal.

All you need to do is confirm and arrange a time. How much easier can it get? The team at 1300Rubbish will even do a thorough sweep up afterwards so your property looks as good as it gets. And they recycle as much of your rubbish as possible, so you can relax with a clean, green conscience.

So save yourself the hassle of trying to get rid of the junk yourself. Leave it to the experts at 1300Rubbish to do the job for you. Call us now on 1300 78 22 47. You’ll be glad you did.