Construction Rubbish Removal

During the construction or demolition of a building, there is always a large number of materials left over that need construction rubbish removal. This can extend from material packaging to bricks, steel and even glass. These materials can often be difficult to clean up and dispose of correctly for those without the right equipment or knowledge of how to do it safely and according to regulation.

Reaching out to a professional garbage disposal team to take care of your development site’s rubbish and leftover materials is your best bet at swiftly and safely removing all of this rubbish, no matter how much of it there is.

Typically the cleanup process begins when construction is complete, though you can also choose to clean up in stages of construction which keeps the site clean and stops rubbish and other materials from building up. Materials that are usually collected for disposal during all stages of construction are anything from bricks, packaging materials, concrete and broken building materials.

A professional team like ours makes the cleanup process entirely effortless as you are able to hand off the entire cleanup process over to us. You can rest assured that once we’re done your site will e entirely clutter and rubbish free and ready for the next stage of construction or development.

Construction materials


Steel is one of the more common construction materials we collect. These materials are often bent or broken steel rods, frames and other types of scrap metal. As there are a number of regulations and safety requirements for both the collection and disposal of steel we make sure that our team members are dressed correctly, have experience and arrive with the correct vehicles to dispose of construction site steels.

As construction waste takes up a large portion of city landfill it is recommended that steel and other recyclable materials be correctly disposed of in a way that removes as much of it as possible from going into landfill.


Concrete and bricks are another large and regulated waste material. They must be disposed of individually without being mixed in with other materials like soils or wood, as they are normally required to be crushed and disposed of that way – though it will depend on your local council regulations.

We make sure that the team members we send to collect waste concrete slabs or bricks have the right clothing and experience to get the job done effectively and as soon as possible.


The collection and removal of glass is one of the more dangerous and specialist tasks that business and development companies are required to do. Typically our glass removal services are utilised by companies for large shattered windows on building sites, as well as glass on machinery.

As a safety precaution it is highly recommended you speak with, or source, a professional rubbish removal team when dealing with glass. As it is clearly one of the most dangerous materials on a building site is glass, and without the correct equipment and clothing, there are a number of health and safety hazards present.

Wood & trusses

A common leftover material from construction of any kind is broken or damaged roofing trusses as well as door frames, doors and more. These are typically an awkward shape or fairly large, making it hard for them to be disposed of in a skip bin, or by a tradesman.

When we collect wood or trusses from construction sites we relay these items onto the correct processing facilities nearest your location to ensure they are treated and disposed, or recycled where they can be.


Plastics are another of the most common waste materials left over on construction sites, often packaging from building materials, food packaging and piping and PVC. These items are more simple to collect, but there are rules in place governing where they can be disposed. Plastics are typically required to be kept from going into landfill.

We make sure that all plastics are recycled or disposed of in the most environmentally friendly ways. This includes items like PVC, acrylics and other composite plastics.

Taking into consideration the dangers of construction waste, its important that businesses, developers and demolition teams pair up with a capable and safety-focused construction rubbish removal team. This will mean all materials are safely removed from the site and taken to the nearest waste management facility, without risk of materials coming loose during the journey, or untrained tradesmen being hurt.

We also make sure that we personally relay all the rubbish and materials to the correct facilities for treatment, disposal, reuse or to be recycled to adhere to regulation and reduce our customer’s environmental impact.

Construction Rubbish Removal

Physical Help

No matter the size of your waste materials, or what materials they are, we will be able to remove them right away, without tradesmen or any other on-site team members helping. We keep our services effortless and that means we do the heavy lifting and loading of construction rubbish into our trucks.

The Cleanup

When we complete the collection of all the items or materials you needed us to collect we go over the area we collected them from a do a quick tidy up to make sure we’ve left the area nice and clean and so it’s ready to be used for whatever your next stage of development is.

The Disposal

We make sure to relay any plastics, chemicals or other regulated materials to government-owned or private facilities that are capable of dismantling, recycling or correctly disposing of them. We take the environmentally and ethically friendly approach to disposal of e-waste, plastics and cabling seriously and want to ensure our customers know this.

Our experienced team and versatile waste removal trucks mean we are able to assist with construction rubbish removal no matter the site or location. Some of our customers are partners with large property development companies, and others are simply small businesses and sole traders so we have experience across a range of construction fields.

We can visit a number of construction sites and factories across all major capital cities for waste and rubbish collection.

Large development sites

Multiple dwelling housing development, commercial development sites or even industrial construction sites create countless different types of waste that need to be disposed of one way or another.

When large development site construction material disposal is concerned, we assess the size and amount of waste that needs to be disposed of and prepare our vehicles and team members for the task. This can often involve protective clothing and more, to ensure we are efficiently able to remove all of your development site waste within your time frame.

Apartment complexes

Construction Rubbish Removal

Construction sites for apartment complexes and low rise apartment buildings present a challenge for builders and construction teams to collect and dispose of all their building waste in time due to the large footprint of the area they work in.

Often waste from these sites extends from damage materials like doors and bench tops, cracked glass and typically waste like concrete and bricks.

With our experience, capable teams and waste transport vehicles we are able to begin the removal of apartment complex waste no matter the size of the site. Our focus on recyclability and environmentally friendly construction site waste removal mean we separate and sort the materials so they are more easily able to be recycled.

Small business factories

Businesses with smaller sites and simple recurring material waste, like metal cut-offs, leftover timber or material packaging can benefit greatly from our construction waste collection services either one-time or routine collections to ensure the workplace is kept entirely clean and free of hazards and stored leftover materials.

We are able to establish ongoing collection services to routinely collect waste and general rubbish from our clients in industrial areas who create the materials for new homes, apartment buildings and sheds.

Sole trader workplaces

Often following the construction of a small building, shed or home there are a number of materials left over and some too large for a sole trader to dispose of by themselves, such as large sheets of iron or a concrete and cabling.

Our team is equipped with the transport and expertise to remove all of these materials safely and environmentally friendly without you needing to spend any extra time on the cleanup.

The correct disposal of construction site waste and leftover materials prior to the next stage of development of a building, home, factory or apartment complex is essential. Our team is more than capable and equipped with years of experience in the routine and the final tidy up of construction sites to ensure they are safe.

We take the disposal and construction site rubbish collection seriously and ensure our customers will have a safe and clutter-free workspace regardless of whether the required pickup is for wood, steel, plastics, glass and more.

Glass Construction Rubbish Removal

Onsite appointment

Book an appointment, and one of our team members will evaluate your site and requirements.

Our Quote

Based on your site, timeframe and amount of materials we will provide you with a quote.

The rubbish removal

Construction site garbage and rubbish removal will begin.

Compliant disposal

Our team will dispose of all waste and materials correctly and in compliance with the local council and federal law.

General waste

Some general materials we remove and tidy up from construction sites often include construction material packaging and broken construction materials that can no longer be used but shouldn’t be left on site.

Our customers will typically contact us to remove non-hazardous materials that are too large to be taken in a typical work ute or by a skip bin.

A few examples of general materials we take from construction sites include:

Material packaging: boxes, plastics, scrap metal

Broken elements; doors, trusses, concrete blocks, gyprock


The disposal of these types of materials is heavily controlled by strict regulation. So, our team makes sure we are able to legally dispose of recyclable materials from construction sites and thereby reducing the possibility of penalties from councils.

Simply by disposing of recyclable waste incorrectly can result in fines of hundreds, and even thousands of dollars. Leave this type of rubbish collection up to us as we have partners who can ensure your leftover and unused recyclable materials are disposed of correctly.

Examples of recyclable materials include:

Certain plastics


Aluminium packaging or construction elements




Construction Rubbish Removal

These types of waste materials are often hazardous to the environment or to the public, as well as workers on site so it is paramount that these materials are disposed of by the correct teams, with the correct attire and in the most appropriate and safe way.

We partner with hazardous material disposers to ensure all these materials are removed, destroyed or relocated in the most environmentally friendly ways.

Some examples of hazardous materials from construction sites include:

Flammable materials




Rust removers

Drain cleaners

A professional, efficient and affordable construction site rubbish removal is the best way for your business and construction teams to get back to work as seamlessly as possible in a clutter-free and productive environment. Our team boasts years of experience, quality equipment and appropriate clothing to dispose of all types of construction and factory waste, no matter the size.

If you need your construction site or factory’s leftover materials safely and compliantly removed then get in touch with us and make an appointment today.

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